Sunday, 7 May 2017

Why some of the people complaining about the bullying in Eastenders piss me off.

So its been some time since I have done a post about the news or politics so some people might have assumed that either nothing has annoyed me or caught my eye lately or that I have either stopped paying attention or have mellowed out. Well the truth is I read a lot of news items particularly on the way to and from places such as work or my girlfriends, a lot of the time though I figure that there are others far more qualified to discuss it than me, sure if it pisses me off I might jump in even if im not the most informed but in general I like to have a grasp on the fundamentals of what im going on about.

At this point I should probably make it clear that I dont really do soap operas, I tend to see them as the green scum that collects on the top of the pool in the world of television, they somehow manage to be a mix of some people cheerily getting on with day to day life waving hi to there neighbours and then other people suffering whatever illness or social issue or random plight which is the current cool thing to talk about. Quiet often the problem is that these things are handled with all the grace and subtleness that Elvis Presley apparently used to turn off the television (apparently he shot them if rumours are to be believed).

Apparently on Eastenders two girls have been bullying another girl and making her life well a living hell. Well this is right up my street, I spent 8 months working as a mentor for bullied kids, I also long before that spent a long time studying both the sociology of education and child development so this is a topic I feel I can dive into. Now I havent seen any of the episodes so it's not them I am going to comment on, nope its actually some of the online reactions to it I want to talk about.

Now a whole bunch of people appeared on Twitter and other similar online services to voice there opinions and thoughts on the matter, there were those who didnt seem to know the difference between fiction and reality who couldnt believe that Sarah McGuffin face (I have no desire to even try to remember character names) was being treated in such a manner and those who complained that they didnt want to have to watch someone being treated in this way, that it was somehow hurting or offending them.

I want to answer the complaints of both sets of people here first to those sad about Sarah McGuffin face and her situation, I hate to tell you this after all im sure you have only just recovered from the tooth fairy and easter bunny thing but shes not real, she is in fact an actress paid cash to pretend this is happening, no matter what happens to her on screen shes as happy as larry most likely getting paid to do a job she hopefully loves. If you really want to get sad then realise that these kind of things are happening to real kids and cry out about that, think what you can do that can help, be it check your younger relatives are ok or even donate to a charity, or take a long hard look at how you treat others and the views and attitudes you promote through your own actions.

If you are one of those other people one of those who has complained that you have been forced to watch this character be bullied as part of a TV programme oh dear poor poor you, you have had to sit by in front of your proberbly large LCD television screen and watch someone be bullied on a TV show on a channel one of many many channels, you couldnt have possibly have changed to another channel if you didnt like it, no you were frozen there in the headlights wishing you didnt have to watch it. Well you know something if you were stuck watching it then it was you who had impresioned yourself, you were your own jail guard and you made yourself see something but hey wait a minute stop and think about it there are actually real people out there who are actually being bullied and they are not there own jail guards they do not decide to be bullied, they do not have the option of changing the channel or turning the TV off. So stop blooming whining and again think about those who are really suffering and ponder if there is something you can do to help the situation, to try and fight back against bullying instead of burying your head in the sand and complaining when you see something ficticious which is based of a real life event which happens every single day in schools all over the globe on the TV.

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