Wednesday, 31 May 2017

May's Retro Games Purchases 2017

So its the end of another month and that means it is once again time to do a post on my retro purchases for the month.

I started on the 1st of May when I walked into a local branch of Game and saw some PSP titles.I picked up the following PSP titles KillZone Liberation complete for £1.50, The Lord of the rings Tactics complete for psp for £1, God Of War chains of Olympus complete for PSP for £2.50 and Star Ocean First Departure complete for psp for £4. The highlight of this would have to be Star Ocean, yes I already own it but £4 was a heck of a price for this game and my hunter instinct just couldnt resist it.

It was also on this day that I made the decision to buy a small lot from FaceBook. I agreed to pay £20 for Super Mario 64 and New Mario Bros for DS both complete, they also threw in 13 GBA carts all of which were fake but in these situations you just nod and say thank you, heck at least no one will be sold them now loosing actual cash on them, and to be honest I am not to proud to play them, I wont brag I own them although I have to admit you get the odd knock of gem sometimes (I for example have a pokemon cart full of swearing that refers to the pokemon as Elves).

On the 4th of May I went to a semi local Indy store and picked up Jedi power battles cart only GBA for £2, Final Fight one cart only GBA for £2 and Xmen Reign of Apocalypse cart only for GBA £2.I have to say I like grabbing GBA stuff as there small and ease to store and well there just darn playable games Final Fight One for example is an awesome little gem, its so much better than the SNES version and its a lot cheaper to find with lots of little bells and whistles thrown on top of it. I also grabbed Fighters Destiny cart only for N64 for £3 and Corporation complete for the MegaDrive for £4.50 from the same place.

On the 8th of May I purchased a small pile of DS games from a friend who was asking for £10 for allof the following boxed and complete, Lego Star Wars 2, Star Wars Clone wars republic heroes, Arkanoid DS, Rhythem Paradise and Final Fantasy Chocobo tales. On this day I also grabbed a complete copy of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII for psp for £5.

On the 9th I got a copy of Silpheed the lost planet complete for PS2 for £1.50. I know a lot of the time all you find in charity shops is rubbish football games or over priced damaged tat but its kind of fun to walk around a few, it also helps that I collect other things like comic books that I can keep my eyes peeled for. A few you tubers and such have argued that its not worth buying from places like this as you could spend the time you spend searching working and earning the cash to pay top dollar for everything but that goes against the thrill of the chase eliment of retro gaming I enjoy, if a game is worth £15 and I spend £15 I dont tend to get any thrill from the purchase, I might from the playing but not collecting wise.

On the 11th I recieved a whole bunch of games I had purchased online all of the prices I haver put after the games include the post, all of the SNES games I got mostly because I wanted some new diffrent games to review for my 150 SNES game review challange. I got The Incredible Hulk snes cart only for £6, I got Zoop for Snes complete for £7 and I also got Spectre for snes complete for £6.
I also recieved Mech Platoon GBA cart only for £3.50, this is not to review or anything its just simply because I read something about it and it sounded like my kind of thing.

On may the 12th I grabbed Patapon for psp complete for £2 and Patapon 2 for psp complete for £2. I have always wanted all 3 Patapon games so its good to have gotten both of these but I dont think I will get the third one any time soon. I also grabbed a hold of We Love Golf, Batallion Wars 2 and Samurai Warriors Katana complete for Wii for £4 for the bunch, now this was at Game and this price because of there buy 2 get the third free deal, I basically wanted to try We Love Golf and figured I should grab the other 2 because of how cheap this would make them.

On the 15th I grabbed Coded Arms Contagion for the PSP complete for £2 from an indy store, the funny thing is I know its not worth much really but I hadnt seen it before and yet I have seen the first Coded Arms a lot of times, its PSP games like this that make me think the companies involved, Konami in this case really should throw a few of these on to either a compilation or just put them online alterd to run on a PS4 (or emulated) and sell them digitally for a good price so people dont miss out on them and so the companies involved can grab a little extra cash off them.

On the 19th I picked up Final Fantasy VIII platinum edition, boxed but missing manual for £10, I think the value of the game seems to have dropped since people have found other places to play it but I think there is no substitute to putting the real discs in a real playstation, holding a proper original pad.

On the 21st I went into an indy store and got Harry Potter and the philosophers stone cart only for GBC for £1, its hardly a game thats going to set the world on fire but generally any cart that you can get particularly if its not sports based is worth £1 at the very least.

On the 23rd I recieved two games I had orderd from online the prices include the post and packaging. I got George Formans KO BOxing NTSC cart only for £4 and Gadget Twins Mega Drive american cart only for £4. George Formans KO Boxing I got basically as I want to review it for my 150 SNES review series, where as Gadget Twins I got because its a MegaDrive game you hardly ever see proberbly because it never came out in Europe, usually it goes for quiet a bit more than this so I thought I would grab it while I can.

On the 25th of May I went in to an indy store, its a store I had visited a few trimes in fact I had seen my first purchase several times the first time I saw it they wanted £12 for it which in fairness was a decent price but I wasnt desperate enough, the next time I looked it was £10 which was tempting but when I saw it for £5 I had to get it the game I am talking about was a cartridge only copy of Rtype 3 for the GameBoy Advance.

I also picked up Def Jam Fight for NY for xbox complete for £1 and then noticed that they had some spectrum games in two boxes, one box was full of games they wanted £1 for the other games they wanted £2 for, I grabbed the following Monty on the Run complete for £2, Bruce Lee complete for £2, Eric and the Floaters complete for £2 and Alchemist gold edition complete for the spectrum £1. I wanted Bruce Lee as I used to play it a lot as a kid, Eric and the Floaters for those who dont know is basically an old version of Bomberman and Bomberman is a game series I have followed for a long time, heck I brought the Switch Version on release the very same day the console came out. The Monty Games are a staple of the spectrum, games that often get talked about with the machine and I knew I didnt own it so thought I should grab it while I had the chance. Alchamist as a game I know nothing about it other than the fact that you can get it with a regular color case and cassette and with a gold case and cassette, this is something I find very intresting as look at all of the fuss people make about Zelda having gold carts well this did the whole gold thing and it did it a few years earlier.

On the 28th my daughter told me she had seen some Xbox games for sale and did I want her to grab any, she told me what they had and I asked her to pick up Shadow the HedgeHog and Crash Bandicoot The wrath of Cortex which were both boxed complete and this cost me £4, she also got them to throw in some empty cases with covers one of which belonged to the game star wars republic Commando which was incredably useful as I had a copy of this which was just a disc in a blank case.

On the 30th I went into an indy store and got the following Brian Lara cricket, Brian Lara cricket 96, FIFA 97, Pete Sampras Tennis, and Monoco GP 2 all boxed and complete for the megadrive £5 and Reversi, Gauntlet, Dandy and The Curse of Sherwood all boxed complete for the Spectrum £4.

So I guess I went and spent £132.50 this month which for me is a heck of a lot of money for a monthly spend, I have to admit to feeling a little bad about it in all honesty. What am I most proud of getting though? Well I guess that would have to be picking up a copy of Star Ocean First Departure complete for psp for £4, as for what I feel worse about, well thats kind of the SNES games I have picked up, by the time you read this you will most likly have read my SNES reviews and learned that I havent found these games to be that good, but really they were purchsed for the purpose of this blog, I guess some people would have set up Patreons or done some other kind of crowd funding to do this but I just dont think I am big enough or have enough fans to do that, although I would never say no to being sent a game by someone who wanted me to talk about it, well unless it was being sent by a company and they were demanding I give them a favourable review believe it or not that happens.

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