Friday, 5 May 2017

The Problem of being a Switch owner.

So as the owner of a Switch, or as I call it at the moment a Zelda box, largly because thats all mine gets used for I wanted to talk about what happening with mine so far. I do own Bomberman R, 1 2 Switch, and have recently got Mario Kart but havent done much with any of them, well apart from written 1 2 Switch off as a steaming bag of crap. So far I have loved the new Zelda but I find myself in a very simmilar situation to which I have been in with previous Nintendo consoles, basically playing a really good Nintendo made game waiting for the next really good Nintendo game to come out because there aint much else to do. What do I mean by this well I am basically saying that 3rd party support is hardly buzzing, so far we have some games that have been ported either from the Xbox One, the PS4 or Nintendo's previous console the switch and some that have released on the Switch at the same time as the PS4 but cost far more on the Switch.

Lego City for example has just come out for the Switch but its just an update of the exact same Lego City that was on the Wii U, heck even Mario Kart 8 deluxe released by Nintendo is the old Wii U game with some bells and whistles thrown on to it. You can Preorder Skyrim which is proberbly going to be about £50 on release maybe more in some shops or you could basically go grab it now for Xbox One or PS4 and finish it before its even out on the Switch and only pay £25, its a good game but its old now. You can buy Troll and I for the PS4 or XBOX One now for £20 to £25 or you can wait till its out on the switch (apparently around christmas) and pay what looks like it will be £39.99, heck Puyo Puyo Tetris has released on Switch and PS4 at the same time but its £25 for the PS4 version and £35 for the Switch. If you really want to get into how your paying more for the same on Switch Rayman Legends is coming to the switch for £59.99 and thats been free on Xbox Games with Gold (yes the Switch one is supposed to be a definitive edition but still).

I know some people will think I am being a little premature in saying this but I dont think that the Switch has really been handled in a way which will make it either the number one choice or the only console for most people, its going to be a secondery console in almost all cases I think. If I can get a game much cheaper or sooner on the PS4 or Xbox One then that is what I am going to do, as for Wii U remakes well I will only get them if I can get them cheap or if something is added to the game that I really feel I need and I cant help but think that this is how the majority of people will feel.  One of the games I saw that most excited me that I was in fact planning on getting was I am Setsuna but then I learned that this isent just a switch game, nope its on the PS4 and Steam and to be honest I know that sooner or latter it will be dirt cheap on either steam or the PSN store.

I know some people will think that I am being unfair to judge Nintendo so early on in the game, they will argue that great and new intresting 3rd party games could be right around the corner, games which wont be available on anything but the Switch due to the way they use the machine but this is something that I have heard about past Nintendo consoles and the more times you hear it and it doesnt come true the harder it becomes to swallow it each and every time. Originally I set out to just write a blog post about the Capcom Five because I thought it was a really intresting subject but in order to do so I started to think about and talk about the current situation with the Switch to try and use it as a starting block to explain where Nintendo where with the GameCube when the Capcom Five were announced and the subject just took on a life of its own. For those not in the know the Capcom Five were 5 games which were orignally announced to be coming out as GameCube exclusives something which a lot of people pinned an awful lot of hopes on and a topic I may return to in the future.

Now I am not trying to knock Nintendo here or say that anyone shouldnt buy a Switch, heck I got one at release but I am trying to say that Nintendo could have handled things better, they could have with a small investment courted various indy developers to get new unique and quriky indy titles on the system early on, sure there is Snipper clips and a few other bits and pieces but not nearly enough, also why when Nintendo have over 30 years of classic games to look back on why is the Virtual Console currently nothing but a Neo Geo showcase? Ok now I know that they proberbly want to drip feed old games on to the service so I am not saying throw SNES game after SNES game at us one after another but surly one juicy one a week wouldnt hurt now would it? Still lets end this post here with the simple phrase ''Time will Tell''.

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