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Retro Game purchases: October 2017

My first retro purchase of the month was on Tuesday October the 3rd. I had been to work and was about to go to my girlfriends house to feed her cats, she had taken ill and was in hospital, and I had visited the day before but basically I had a lot of time to kill before visiting hours so decided to hit a few shops before going to feed the cats and I walked into a Cash Generator store. They had a cart only copy of Teenage mutant Hero Turtles 4: Turtles in time for the Super Nintendo (pal version)and they wanted £40 for it. As I visit the shop quiet often and do spend a fair amount of money there I managed to talk them down to £30. I got it with the full intention of playing it that very night  but something even better happend that afternoon my girlfriend was let out of hospital so I took her home and spent the night cuddled up with her instead (happily playing turtles a few nights latter).

The following day the 4th I popped into an indy store on my way home and grabbed nba jam tournament edition boxed complete for SNES for £9, GP-1 for SNES cart onyl for £5 and Tetris cart only for gameboy for £2

On the 6th of October I got something in the post, I got Super Genjin (Bonk) for the Super Famicom cart only for £5 (including postage), I was happy to get this as its something I have seen a lot of but havent had much opportunity to play up until it arrived at least.

On the 8th I went to a local indy shop and I got Equinox cart only for SNES for £5 and Bomberman Hero cart only for N64 £8, its more than I usually spend on N64 games but if I think a game is worth it and its the right game then I will pay a bit more and I am a big fan of the Bomberman franchise so I guess thats what pushed me to go a bit higher.
On October the 9th Plok for the SNES cart only arrived in the mail, it had cost me £5 including postage, which in honest I think is a great price for any none sports Super Nintendo game to be honest. I also went in to a local indy shop and got Phantasy Star portable, Dark Stalkers the chaos tower and Final Fantasy Tactics all for psp all complete for £15.  I think its prime PSP buying time really as a lot of places deem it sort of too old to bother with but yet not old enough to have reached that deeply desirable stage, but its going to get there given time I am sure.

On the 13th of October I had Spiderman and the Xmen Arcades Revenge (American) boxed for the SNES arrive in the post, it cost me £9 including postage. I wanted to get this as it is something I had as a kid, it wasnt a favourate of mine or anything but it was something I had put some time into and I wanted to take a look at it again.
I actually had a bit of a pause then as it wasnt until the 18th when I got my next games, I got Desert Fighter for the SNES cart only for £5 and World League Soccer Snes NTSC American cart only for £3 both of them were games I had puchased online and both were sold with free postage

On the 20th on the way home from work I popped into CEX and grabbed Extreme G cart only for N64 for £1.50 and Top Gear Rally cart only for N64 £1.50, both of them are pretty darn decent games but yeah they are usually cheap when you see them.

On the 23rd I got a few more games through the post I got Pugsleys Scavenger hunt for SNES cart only for £5 and Fighters Destiny for N64 cart only for £2 both games were with free postage which strikes me as strange as that means the seller must have made more or less nothing on Fighters Destiny.

On the 24th I went to a local indy shop that I havent visited in quiet a long time, while there I picked up sonic rivals for psp complete for £3, crazy taxi fare wars complete for psp for £2, Simpsons hit and run (players choice version) complete for gamecube for £2, Ice Age 2 the meltdown complete for gamecube for £1, Harvest Moon a wonderful life (players choice version) complete for gamecube for £6, Sega game pack 4 in 1 cart only for gamegear £1 and freedom wings cart only for ds 50pence.

I also visited a charity shop just down the road from the above shop and picked up International cricket captain 3, dynasty warriors 2 and dynasty warriors 3 extreme legends complete for ps2 for £1 for all 3.
On the 26th I went into a charity shop where I got wwe raw for xbox complete for 50p, brute force for xbox complete for 50p, prince of persia sands of time for xbox complete for 50pence and Myst 3 exile for xbox complete for 5opence

Then I noticed a box of stuff on the floor in the same shop, it was apparently not for sale yet but I made them an offer for it and so I got all of the following for £20 Final Fantasy IX complete, Final Fantasy VIII (Platinum edition) complete, Resident evil directors cut complete, Resident evil 2 complete, Resident evil 3 Nemesis missing manual, Tomb raider (platinum edition) complete, Tomb Raider 2 complete Syphon Filter 2 missing manual, Monsters inc scare Island complete and then the following games disc only in a black disc box. xmen mutant academy 2, tomb raider revelations, driver, driver 2 (both discs), syphon filter, syphon filter 3, dino crisis, dino crisis 2,worlds scariest police chases, medal of honour,smackdown 2,colony wars red sun. There was also an xbox 360 disc for resident evil 5 with them as well and a pc disk for starwars rebel assault. The shop said they would have sold the games at £2 a piece after having gone through them and having chucked all of the loose discs into the bin. So I feel really happy about this as not only did I get some games I really wanted but I also saved perfectly good condition game discs from being trashed and part of the reason I am so into retro games and consoles is the preservation of them so I hate to think of games or machines getting thrown away and I helped to stop it happening here.

On the 27th I went in to a charity shop and managed to get the following from there, Loco Roco 2 for PSP complete for £1, Syphon Filter Omega Strain for ps2 complete for £1,Ecco The Dolphin defender of the future for ps2 complete for £1,Crash Bandicoot the wrath of Cortex (platinum edition) for ps2 complete for £1,Mafia for Xbox complete for £1, Toy Story for megadrive complete for £1, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle complete for Gamecube for £1 and Space Invaders complete for PS1 for £1. I guess my favouate purchase of all of these was Toy Story, after all its not like you find megadrive stuff cheap all that often.
On the 29th I went into a local CEX and grabbed Kingdom hearts birth by sleep special edition for psp complete for £8 I was pretty surprised at this price seeing as it had all the special edition stuff still with it. I also went into a charity shop and grabbed  Formel 1 98 for Playstation complete for £1 (the weird spelling is what it says on the box as I guess its not english),Super Monkey Ball Deluxe for ps2 complete for £1, and Wolfenstein tired of war for xbox complete for £1.

On the 30th  I went into a local cex and noticed a copy of Parasite Eve 2 complete for the PS1 for £15 I asked to have a look at it to see what condition it was in and I was very very happy with it as it looked completely brand new and so I purchased it.

On the 31st I ended the month by buying  buffy the vampire slayer (classics version) complete for xbox for £1, Burnout 3 Takedown complete for xbox for £1, WWF Warzone complete for PS1 for £1 and Men in Black complete for PS1 for £1
So total for the month I spent £187.50 which feels like a heck of a lot but I kind of am not that surprised when my first purchase out of the gate was a £30 purchase, my first purchase was possibly one of if not my favourate as its a game I enjoyed a lot as a kid and that I have wanted back for a long time, I have seen it go for a lot more and so I had sort of given up on the idea of ever getting it. I also have to admit to being really happy about my £20 lot of playstation games partly because I think I got a lot for my money but also because I am very happy to have gotten Dino Crises 2 even if it is only a disc. I imagine that as Christmas gets closer and closer I will have to spend money on other things, there are also a lot of modern games coming up which intrest me so I think this might be this years last big retro hurrah.

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  1. As I said over on the Canteen, the PS1 pick-up you had there was epic.

    I have Parasite Eve II as well...shame that the first game is NTSC-only as I'd like to play it first.