Sunday, 18 March 2018

If games can be made to look bad so can films or well anything.

Well seeing as Games have been made to look like nothing but violence in a short montage by the White House I wanted to talk about this and show how you could easily do this with something else, so I have taken scenes from film and TV and edited them into a sloppy montage of violence and gore.. featuring Walking Dead, Robocop, Day of the Dead, Carrie, and Casino. There are probably worse out there but these ones jumped into my mind. Now its important to mention I like these films but I just recognize how out of context they look awful. I could do the same with music or books.

I kind of like what I did with Robocop and Walking dead as I took out some of the bits where you cut away from the gore to peoples reactions and this kind of makes it feel far more unrelenting than it actually does in the film/show. I kept the scene from Casino largely in tact, I have to admit its not the bloodiest but if you put yourself in the characters perspectives it is quiet unrelenting. I mostly used scenes with baseball bats as there seemed to be a lot of that in the video game based one but out, but I figured I should throw some Robocop in as they seem to be suggesting games make people want to shoot places up.

In all honesty I don't think violence in games, or books, or films, makes people want to be violent, violence has existed for a lot longer than any of these mediums have. The simple truth is that when things go wrong people most often just look for scapegoats instead of really tackling the real issues as most often the real issues are very hard to deal with, and in dealing with them there is the risk or either raising other issues or upsetting people, so its just much easier to try to push the blame on anything you can and then bury your head in the sand.

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