Saturday, 10 March 2018

NEWS RANT#1 The Lady who wants Fortnite banned

OK so if you have been visiting this blog for any length of time then you will be aware of what NEWS RANT is, basically its my news posts where I talk about either one or a bunch of things which have been in the news recently that have gotten my attention that I have felt compelled to talk about.

This time I am talking about the Lady who wants to ban the video game Fortnite because her under age child cant regulate himself. If you are not familiar with this story then it is from a piece on a UK morning breakfast show called This Morning where they did an interview with a Lady  who thinks that 'Fortnite is endangering our teens because she says her son stopped socializing and became aggressive and moody when he was told he could no longer play. This was Broadcast on 07/03/2018 I figured I would mix things up a little though and make this the First NEWS RANT to be a youtube video instead of me just ranting in text. So here it is down below for you to hopefully enjoy. I would also like to mention that this video is dedicated to my Mother. It is mothers day here in the UK this Sunday, unfortunately my mum passed away a few years ago but she was a constant source of support for me and this seemed fitting giving the time of year plus the fact this is essentially talking about parenting.

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