Friday, 25 September 2015

My posting might slow down but I am still here.

My posting might slow down but I do not intend to abandon this place, but I thought I would at least let everyone know why and what is going on. I have just gotten myself a new job, it was supposed to be for only 16 hours a week but so far my 3 hour induction day became an 8 hour half induction half work shift and I currently have 28 hours down on my rota for next week due to staff sickness and another person who had been offered a 16 hour position not turning up. If work continues like this then my posting will probably be more of a once or twice a week not every other night sort of thing. I want to continue as an author writing my own books but I also want to have a job for lots of reasons, financial security, so that my daughter gets used to seeing me go to work and come home ,so that this is something normal for her. They always say if your parents work your more likely to work, if your parents attended university they are more likely to do so, so really I just want to stack the deck the best I can in order to make sure she has the best future possible. Also hopefully working hard, being on my feet, lifting and even just not being around the house able to snack whenever I want will help me to loose some weight, as the last few years of my life have left me a little softer and squidgier at the sides than I would like. In all honesty though my first day was good, my boss seems nice, all of the other members of staff seem nice and the job seems good. It was good to be on a till again. My last job was phoning people up trying to push them to donate to charity and it was so terrible that it began to erode my very faith in human kind, the only good thing that came out of it was the core idea for a novella I wrote.

I used to work a lot, in fact I used to work so much that life was nothing more than work. I would wake up and go to work, I would get home and go to bed. I didn't have any time for myself, or for others or for hobbies or even the time to apply for a different job to try and get away from the time sucking soul sucking hole I had found myself in. So what did I do? Well I cut out of the rat race and went back to education. It wasn't like I had not gotten a lot of education in the first place, I had gained a degree but I had never used it, so what I wanted to do was go out there and gain a focused usable qualification. So what did I go and get? I went and got enrolled on a course to gain Early Years Professional Status, this is a course which makes you a very highly trained nursery age child expert. It took two placements inside nurseries and about 30 hours of paper work a week to gain it but it was supposed to be the start of a new life and a new career things were supposed to get easier but they didn't. I was met with sexism, no one would hire me to work with children which was local to me as they viewed it as a female profession which should be filled with women, it was heart breaking and refusal after refusal on the grounds of being a man really left me battered and broken, my ego was bruised. This was what set me on the course of trying to be a writer a course I had dreamed of years ago but never thought I would be able to achieve in my wildest dreams

I haven't shelved these dreams but I do recognise that for the moment I need to find the balance between my family, my job, my writing and my own personal time. I still want to post about horror films, retro games, modern games, wrestling, and my opinions on politics but we will see what time I have and what grabs my attention and makes me feel I need to write..

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