Wednesday, 30 September 2015

This Months Video Game purchases:September 2015

OK so it is that time of the month yet again, the time when one month is over and a new has begun so its is once again time look at the retro purchases I have made. At the end of last month I said that I was sure that this month would be a lot less exciting when it came to game purchases partially because of my fiancées birthday and the need to spend money treating her right. Well I am happy to report I took her out for a nice meal the day before her birthday and one on the date of her birthday, I tried to take her to rocky horror live but the cinema failed me on that one, I also brought her a Pandora charm, a Camera one because she loves her cameras and taking pictures, a tinker-belle mug and two stuffed Disney toys she wanted and I feel I got a passing grade there. Don't worry though I still found a bit of cash for a game or two.

I received a copy of Carl Ripken Jr Baseball for the Snes a loose pal region cart which cost me £3 including postage on the 3rd of the month then didn't get or even really look at anything else at all until the 11th. On the 11th I visited an indoor market and from a games trader I got myself a Super Nintendo Super Scope for the nice price of £5, yeah there not usually a fortune to buy but its the first time I have seen one in the flesh for a long time, I have seen them online but usually they've been lacking parts or the person has wanted a fortune in postage so it was just quiet nice to pick this up and take it home. I also picked up a Japanese NTSC Fatal Fury SNES cart for £2.50 and a Japanese Battle Dodgeball SNES cart for another £2.50 Battle Dodge ball has a bit of a language barrier but its fun, Basically your playing Dodgeball with a team of Japanese Manga/Anime robots including Grandizer, Star Avenger, Mazinger and such.

I didnt buy anything retro games wise then until the 17th. This is where I have to give a big shout out to the fiance. Basically I had taken her to town so that she could go do a short shift at work. The shift was infact only a few hours long so I decided that seeing as she was supposed to be coming back to mine to get ready for dinner out and a cinema date latter (the afformentioned Rocky Horror Live) that I would just walk around town, maybe get a coffee and a sandwich or check out a few game shops. This is when I found myself in game. My visits to game don't usually last that long, I look at sales and I look at PSP games they might have kicking around and then leave but on this day I looked down at the Wii games and I noticed that they had a copy of  Xenoblade Chronicles for £15 I dived down on it like a hawk, gave the box a quick once over and headed to the till to buy it. Once I had paid I took a good long look at it, the Box, cover, manual and disc were all pretty darn perfect so I have to say this is my buy of the month, as I have wanted it for a long time (It is now sitting proudly next to my copy of the Last Story, Pandora's tower and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn).

On the 19th I managed to further add to my list of Wii games I am really happy I own by grabbing Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for £5 from another store in town.

On the 22nd I got myself a nice little pile of games from a charity shop. I got Grand theft Auto Vice city,Grand Theft auto 3 and Age of Empires 2 for the playstation 2. Hunter The Reckoning, Return to castle Wolfienstien ,Mech Assault , Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy xbox and Sega GT2002 and Jet Set Radio Future on one disc with manual and case but no front cover all for xbox. All of them were £1 each, so £7 in total.

My other half spent £23 on getting me a lot of 4 SNES carts, Claymates, Asterix, Cool spot and Tiny Toon's Wild and Wacky sports.. Happy as I have been wanting Wacky Sports for a long time.She did this as she wanted to treat me for getting a new job. I know how much she spent because she wanted to get something I really wanted and not pay through the nose for it, she likes her games a lot but is far less knowledgeable about retro games and what's worth a lot or a little. What she is though is incredibly supportive of my hobbies.

It was a somewhat hectic month, I had my fiancées birthday to buy for and celebrate, had to attend court as a witness, had a job interview and then started a new job which always seems to mess up my finances and worry me a little as one lot of money stops and another doesn't seem to quiet start at the right time to cover it and obviously the more I am working the less I am routing through second hand shops and such. So I guess now going forward I get to see if my change in schedule leads to me spending more or less either way I leave this month happy that I managed to get myself Xenoblade and that my wonderful supportive Fiancee got me a snes cart I have been wanting for quiet some time.

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