Monday, 28 September 2015

On My Soap Box: #PigGate does it matter?

Yes I am very late to this dance, some may even ask why I am bothering at all. Well I am late mostly because I wrote an article about Corbyn and Cameron the day before this news broke and I didnt want to jump back in to simmilar waters the very next day, after all this is a forum which tries to takle a lot of diffrent subjects and keep things a bit fresh and diffrent so if I barked up the same tree day after day I would be failing at that.

For those under a rock who have crawled out in to the bright light of an LCD screen and seen my blog here is an explanation of what #PigGate is basically about. Its about the allegation made in Lord Ashcroft's unauthorised biography, that, during an initiation ceremony for an exclusive Oxford society David Cammeron our Current Prime Minister stuck his penis into the mouth of a dead Pig. The story goes that basically he did it in order to secure himself a place in the Piers Gaveston Society, a mens only dining club named after the supposed lover of Edward II. A society which is all about debauchery. So basically the usual Sex, drugs, and, apparently performing sweet sweet love to the mouth of a dead farm yard animal. Now the Prime Minister wont comment on it, he is taking the road that if he basically says its to stupid to comment on and ignores it then it will go away. To a degree this is true as recent survey results already show that a large number of people simply don't give a toss if he did or did not do it but then there are also those who are never likely to let it drop.

Does it actually matter though? Does it effect his ability to run the country or in any way undermine his power? Well there are arguments for yes and for no. Look at some of the ways the press have gone mad at Corbyn, he gets criticised for dressing old, or for not wearing a tie, for not singing, its almost literally gotten to the point where the man cant breath so yes clearly even the smallest and stupidest thing can be used as a tool to try and throw doubt on to an individuals ability to do there job, particularly if it is an important one. So the press or parts of it could use this allegation to attack Cameron although in most cases they have let him putting his dodger in a dead pigs mouth drop, this could definitely be seen as a large degree of bias at work.

Now I was a big fan of Bill Clinton, I thought that he was much better than some of the presidents the United States had and have since had so when it came out that he had been getting blow jobs from his my opinion rather attractive plump secretary and had also been playing hide the cigar I thought him ending up loosing his job over all of it was a crock as apart from thinking that he could play space invaders with his sperm and her tonsils I thought pretty much every decision he had made in lines of his work were good ones and I was sad to see him gone for something which had very little to do with the job. So if I was about to start shouting and screaming that David Cameron should be fired over PigGate I would be a darn big hypocrite.

So David Cameron may have stuck his jolly little solider in the mouth of a dead pig during an evening of university society hilarity yet it has to be pointed out that while shagging dead people clearly isn't on because well its just not respectful and its highly illegal and shagging live animals is also a serious no no well when it comes to Dead animals as far as I know as creepy as it might be there is no law against it, is there? Does the dead pig care whether it's head is going to end up sat in the local butchers, thrown on to a police officers car or if it is going to end up as a mixing bowl for various weird university students sex milk?

I hate Cameron, I think he is a giant toff toss pot conservative wank shaft and that is me trying to be polite about him. Yet on the other hand I know a local butchers were they have a competition where they fling dead animals eyes at the wall to see who can make them stick the highest and for the longest. I have seen University students taking it in turns eating bars of chocolate knowing that one in every hundred contained human shit. Lots of people do crazy stupid things to fit in with this club or that club and I am not going to overly judge the man for that, there are already enough reasons I hate him and his polices, so I don't want to see him sacked over PigGate but I am happy to see him have the piss taken out of him. I do think that there are certain areas where it has a little more context though, for example at one stage Cameron was trying to make the sexual act of face sitting illegal, well if the allegation is true how can a man who porks pork really say what is normal or conventional in regards to sexual activity. I think in this regard he would need to back off and if something is between consenting legal adults leave it up to them to come up with there own personal ideals on what is right or wrong other wise he risks being a hypocrite.

I had a look on a leading alternative life style website at the time to see if there was a group of people who loved the feeling of dead pigs mouth around there never regions and well there were groups for people who love to wrestle in jelly, people who liked to eat sushi off of naked ladies but as for the dead pig thing it looks like people don't enjoy it they just do it to get into weird freaky clubs and cults while at university, so if he enjoyed it then David Cameron is on his own.
There were other things mentioned in this biography including drug-taking, including asking KGB agents to score some coke for him I believe and his knowledge of Ashcroft's non-dom tax status which unfortunately probably will get ignored with the dead pig thing having been used as a bit of a joke to take the attention of your average person away from the far more important matters

Now if David Cameron fucked a dead pig, well it didn't hurt anybody did it? However, his party's current policies of slashing various benefits including Disability Living Allowance are really hurting a great deal of vulnerable adults and children right now. It doesn't matter what Cameron did or did not do to fit in at university, that made him who he was then, but it doesn't make him who he is now.
At the end of the day lets face it if your best friend in a moment of drunken stupidity had sex with a dead pigs face you would never let him live it down, Piggy would become his new semi affectionate nick name for the next eight years, you would oink in his face and what's more he would expect it. So I don't think the man should be sacked or there should be an inquest or anything but I do think he should accept that he is going to have to listen to it for a long time and he is going to have to take it how most people take there roast pork, with a pinch of salt.

What is more important than PigGate or how old Corbyn's jumper makes him look is what we do after we all laugh at the various stories or shake our heads. That we take the politics behind the show seriously that we don't let our only involvement with politics to be us looking on from the sidelines when something wacky happens.People need to learn to think about the deeper matters , to look into things and not just take the little slices of information newspapers and the TV give out without thinking about them in more depth. 

It doesn't matter id David Cameron fucked a dead pig but it does matter if we all just laugh and carry on while he fucks the poor and the misfortune by taking away there only life lines.

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