Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My review of the Forza 6 Demo

So with Forza 6 out in a handful of days I decided to try the Forza 6 Demo, now I have to admit going in to it I had zero desire to buy the game, why you might ask? Well basically I am still playing and enjoying Forza 5 and Forza Horrizon 2 both feel and look awesome to me and I have got a lot of enjoyment out of them and feel they still both have a lot to give especially as I brought the Storm Island add on for Forza Horrizon 2 in a sale and haven't even touched it yet. So I decided I would play the demo, I would review and see if it made me want the game more or less. After all a demo is meant to sell a game so maybe it will alter my opinion on it, it may help me decide how long I would be willing to wait and the kind of price I would  be willing to pay for it and this might also help other people in a similar position to me.

One of the things I liked about the Forza 5 when I first started playing it was the fact it had the Top Gear guys in it, listening to them introduce aspects of the game really got me pumped to play it and to try different types of event. I was pretty sure that what with all the fuss of Clarkson being fired that they wouldn't be in this game, although I have to admit anyone could be connected to it as I haven't been really paying attention to any news relating to it. There was a lot of speeches in Forza 5 about the nature of speed and man's never ending quest to find the perfect machine it was sometimes in danger of feeling like it was trying to push some kind of artistic merit a little too hard but it always seemed to walk the line very well. So I start the Forza 6 demo up and I am met with a video there are two kids facing each other and one is throwing stones and stuff and a voice begins narrating and talking about why do we race while it sort of flicks back from the kids to cars and well it really drops the soap as this time it doesn't walk the line at all. I have no idea who is talking I just know that is sounds like pretentious bollox, if they couldn't get someone who despite some of his questionable qualities can talk in a way that is passionate without tipping over the line like Clarkson then they just shouldn't have bothered.

After finishing my first race what do I think? Well it controls well and the graphics are beautiful but I don't think its a massive leap forward, it looks a lot shinier and the light seems more realistic than in its predecessor, in some ways it feels like the Forza Horrizon 2 graphics and engine pushed in to the Forza 5 framework which seeing as they are both brilliant games is no bad thing. I think the on-screen HUD parts your spedo, map etc all look much cleaner and stick out better than in Forza 5 which is a nice if minor improvement, I would also say that the menu screens and such have a nicer look to them, it seems to feel a little windows 10 inspired and also reminds me of some of the screen shots I have seen for the Xbox One's next supposed overhaul, so maybe thats what they are going for a sort of overall matching theme that feels friendly and inviting. Its a nice step forward but its not like after playing this I am going to look back at the past entries I still own and go oh I don't think I can play these any more they look so primitive.

As a demo I really have to give credit to Microsoft for Forza 6, I have played some car game demo's in the past where you get about one lap in one car to decide if you like the game or not, but in this game you get to experiance full races in a few diffrent types of car. This means that you will leave this demo. I particularly enjoyed the showcase race it put me in. In this race I was driving an Indy car, now up to this moment I had thought that the game hadnt seemed any faster or more thrilling than Forza 5 but the way the Indy car racing was handled the sense of speed just seemed out of this world, it really thrilled me and to be honest made me even more glad I had traded F1 2015 in because in comparison that feels super pedestrian. My recomendation is to download this demo straight away and give it your all you wont regret it.

So am I now going to run out and buy the actual game straight away? No. I do like it but I want to see more of Forza 5 and Forza Horrizon 2, I will catch this when I see some special deal or cheap second hand version that I simply cant help but buy. I am tight though, I am sure many others will happily jump on this and if I got a winning lottery ticket or a spare little wedge of cash fell from somewhere then I think I would be joining them.

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