Friday, 18 September 2015

What would have been a Rocky Horror Live Review

This was supposed to be a review of the special Rocky Horror show Live one night broadcast in to cinema's but it is not, so instead it is a bit of a story of mine and my fiancées adventure in regards of trying to see it. Its been a busy few days, today is my fiancée's birthday and we have spent it by going out and having a meal and taking her into various shops so she can spend her money she had received for her birthday. The night before was supposed to be the big treat her night, took her for a really nice meal and then we had tickets to go watch a live stream of the Rocky Horror stage show, featuring a whole bunch of celebrity narrators including Richard O'Brian, Anthony Stuart Head, Emma Bunton and others , I got us both a really big ice cream and got her a big frosted slushy drink we sat there with lots of others She was dressed in a fashion similar to Columbia from the film and I had gone for a geeky Brad look, we had done it in a bit of a rush, if I had thought about it in advance there are lots of other bits and pieces I would have liked to have got for us so that we really looked our best but we were decently in the mood enough. The Cinema was really full and some of the customers had gone to extraordinary lengths in order to dress up as various characters, it was awesome just to look around and see how into it so many people had gotten, the atmosphere was outstanding.

Then just as it was about to start we were told that there was some form of temporary fault with the transmission of the signal from the theatre by an employee who came and announced it to us all. Then we waited for further information, well aware that every second was a part of the performance we were missing, everyone sat there for about twenty minutes, it wasn't too bad though people seemed to be talking to each other there was a bit of a sing song here and there but the mood was soon to get worse. Another member of the Cinema's staff was sent to inform us that there would be no Rocky Horror, the transmission was still not working and they had been informed this was not something that was going to change, and that if we all took our tickets and went down to the ticket office then there would be some form of refund and compensation system in place. We were luckily sat right next to stairs which would take you out of the screen we were in, so we quickly exited and cued to find out what we would get, in the end we didn't get a refund instead we ended up with 4 tickets for free admission to any film or event held at any cineworld, this would mean we could see something instead of Rocky horror and another film on top,

Usually I wouldn't mind but this was one of my fiancée's birthday presents from me and it was a special one time one of a kind performance. We didn't have too bad a time in the end, it was the first year since we have been together that I got to spend the whole of the day with her which is something. We have always wanted to spend her birthday together but she has spent the vast majority of our relationship in university working towards first a degree and then a masters, not only this but she has worked as a student ambassador. It has been amazing to have her birthday with her. I am sure that for those who saw it Rocky Horror was great we however ended up with us watching the Lord of The Rings Fellowship of the ring on blue ray.

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