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Desert Island Games.. Xbox (the original).

I am sure everyone is familiar with top 5 and top 10 lists, I can also bet that the majority of people have heard of the basic concept of having to pick 5 records or 5 books or something with which you could survive for a long time on a desert island or another isolated place so here is that but with games.

So what I am going to do is to pick a system every now and then and do a post on it desert island style. I might not pick the best games as I am not thinking about this from a purly critical point of view but more of a mental survival one.. Now I know most desert islands dont come with generators and power supplys so I want you to imagine that for the purpose of this we are talking about being stranded on a desert island with a lost style bunker with its own generator and food supply, yeah You can leave the bunker and scavange for extras or go for a walk but that power aint ever running out nor is the water or food so the real point of the games are to give you something to do to stop you loosing your mind.

I did think about starting with the oldest machine I had used and going from there but instead I thought it would be fun to throw the great wheel of randomisation and start in any old place and just push forward with no regard for sequence.

Ok so the Desert Island consolefor this post will be The Original XBOX.

If you were stuck on a desert island with 5 original xbox games and a machine to run them on what would you go for ? Well despite not being the leading console of its generation the original Xbox did have a heck of a lot going for it and a pretty darn solid libery of games in fact if you count games from all over the world including exclusives then nearly 1000 were released. So to round it down to 5 is not an easy task. I am also taking into account that I am not going to get online with it so I wont be saying oh I will take this so I can talk to people online while playing to fight the lonlyness.

Ok so my first choice for a game would be Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Now as I am sure most people know this game got absolute rave reviews, and is considerd an all time classic. Sure I have played it a heck of a lot I finished this and the sequel a long time ago but have found myself drifting back to both of them now and then. I would pick it is because with all of the different options there is quiet a bit of replay value, its also a decent length to start with anyways. Its basically a long RPG set in a universe I love and I know it would be good for multiple run throughs, I could try being the most evil character, I could try being  good one, I could baasically play it so many times that I saw the result of every single dialog option and choice, and lets face it in this situation this is a very good thing as if you have no way of getting more games then you want games that take a long time to finish and have a lot of reasons to keep replaying.

Star Wars Republic Commando. I love this game, its a first person shooter set in the starwars world with tactical squad control elements. You play as the boss of a 4man team of clone trooper Commando's. Theres shooting, order giving but its all brought to life by the witty bantter that goes on amongst the team. I cant think of a game which would be better for sort of fooling you that you were not alone. Yes it might be in the same universe as KOTOR which makes it seem like an odd choice but although its set in the same rough place it takes a very diffrent view of things to the point that they might as well be set in tottally diffrent places.

Project Gothem racing 2. Id need a good car game, and I think this was proberbly the best on the system. Yeah Forza was on there but I dont find the original Forza to be good enough, its a little rough around the edges and over demanding, where as PGR2 is just a pure pleasure. It has that arcadey one more go nature to it and if you look at perfecting your racing line and trying to always beat your own times then the milage you could milk out of this game could potentially be almost limitless. Yes I was tempted to go with Forza cause its tough and it takes a lot of effort to be good at it but I think ultimatly Gotham 2 takes just as much effort to be a pro at but its a lot easier to just get racing have some fun and keep slowly improving over, it just feels a lot more like fun than hardwork.

Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II I know I already kind of have the rpg side of things nailed down with KOTR but I love this game, the fact it takes a crazy long time to see everything this game has to offer really helps, there is always a new gun or sword to find, pus to max your character out takes forever and then there are multiple classes. I know I couldnt go online which is one of the things this game was sold on but I still really enjoy it offline, it takes ages to max out a character and you are always finding some new weapon or armour around every corner

And for the 5th game

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude—Uncut and Uncensored! Yeah its not the highest rated game and it is a touch silly but that's the point it makes me laugh and it would probably be pretty depressing stuck on a desert island in a lost style bunker on your own eating coconuts and playing on a games console. So this would be my silly game for when it all seemed liked to much. This game would most likly never find itself on a top ten games you must own on the Xbox thread or video and without looking I would assume it has the worst reviews of aanything on here but here I feel it fits, it makes me smile and that is why it creeps on to this list.

Have any issues with my list or find your own to be very diffrent then feel free to let me know in the coments :)

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