Thursday, 24 March 2016

Hulk Hogan Wins Lawsuit and more Wrestlers sign up to donate there brains after death

Ok so I have talked about it before but for those who have missed it and have been living under a rock Hulk Hogan was in a leaked Sex tape, a sex tape that as well as having the obvious sex in it (sex with a friends wife) also contained racist language, language which lead to him being fired from the WWE, loosing his legends contract and loosing his place in the hall of fame. Well Hogan took the company responsible for the leak to court and after his successful trail against them (Gawker) he was awarded $55 million for economic injuries and $60 million for emotional distress. The jury ruled that Hogan's privacy was violated by Gawker. This was soon followed by him getting another 25.1 million in punitive damages so in total if he actually gets the cash he will get just over $140 Million more than enough for him to live a darn good life without having to lift a finger. Now I could have just talked about this and left it here because lets face it its a pretty big piece of news not just in realtion to wrestling but in relation to a persons rights to privacy there is deffinetly more than a few blog posts worth to talk about here. Does Hogan deserve the cash, I dont really know id proberbly say no, not that much but I do think he deserved to win because I think it wrong for things like that to be leaked on the net without someones permission and if you disagree then remember your basically saying that things such as revenge porn where a X partner posts naked images they possess of a former partner to harm and humiliate them is alright.

Well a whole bunch of wrestlers seem to have decided to donate there brains to science to help research CTE Chronic Traumatic Enephalopathy. At first it was Kevin Nash's who made the decision to donate his brain after his death and then apparently Jeff Hardy's wife heard about this and talked Jeff Hardy into doing the same. Then apparently Mick Foley who had been considering doing if for a while decided he would follow suit. All three of these wrestlers have taken more than there fair share of bangs to the head during their careers so  their brains could be a lot of use and help us learn how to protect future athletes. I am not going to pretend I am an expert on this but I think that these guys donating there brains is a wonderful thing for them to do and I salute them for it, hopefully something is learned from it which can go on to help others.

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