Wednesday, 2 March 2016

This Months retro Video Game purchases: February 2016 (yep its a bit late again)

OK so it is that time of the month again, the time when I am once again late to talk about what I got in the last month of my life retro Video Game wise.

I have brought so little that this hardly qualifies for a blog post at all but still here we go.

I started the months purchases on the 5th of February by picking up Brothers in arms D Day complete for the PSP for £1, not the most impressive of games I admit but I liked the price.

I didn't get anything then until the 23rd of February when I picked up Shining The Holy Ark for the Sega Saturn UK PAL Boxed Complete for £30 (Which was more than I wanted to pay but I cant really complain) and two games I had brought from a friend arrived one was a Japanese kirby 64 N64 cart for £4 and the other Was Dragons Quest VIII complete for the PlayStation 2 for £8 (both prices include the postage)

3 days latter I finished the months Retro purchases by picking up Mysteria The Realms of Lore complete for the Sega Saturn for £20.

I have spent a lot of time this month sorting out the various places I store my games and generally having a tidy up. So I have not wanted to bring to much into my life. I cant claim to have spent more on new games because this would be untrue. I did buy one humble bundle and have grabbed a few other things such as graphical novels but in general its not been a very geeky month. As March contains my daughters birthday I am really rather unlikely to buy much during this time frame either but who knows maybe I will grab one or two things here or there worthy of mentioning.

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