Monday, 14 March 2016

So as I like to call it TopGear the Next generation has already caused controversey before it has even hit the air. Some will see this as a bad thing, others will see it as a good thing hopping that the loss of Clarkson and co wont have led to a boring PG show, others simply will not care one bit. I personally want to voice my oppinion on it.

Well to start with I really liked the old Clarkson, May and Hammond team and was sad to see them go, but now especially as they have the Amazon deal its not too bad because we are not loosing them, we are in fact gaining a whole second car show. Did Clarkson say stupid things and make an ass of himself? Yes a lot of the time. Did I agree with everything he said? Certainly not. The three of them togther though they didnt seem like they were  bunch of presenters phoning it in, they seemed like 3 friends having a laugh and as a viewer at home you felt like you were a part of this.

Now when the new line up was announced for me personally it was a little bit hit and miss, it felt like they had drafted in twice as many people as they need just so they can drop a few of them along the way if they dont work well. The only name I was really happy to see was Matt Leblanc, maybe because he was Joey from friends so I am used to seeing him and knowing that I am going to laugh or maybe because it feels like someting new and diffrent to see him in a show like this, so its kind of funny that the new controversy is surrounding a sscene that has been filmed featuring him.

So what has happened that is so horrible it has caused a controversy before it has even been shown? Well basically Matt LeBlanc and a professional driver performed "doughnuts" near the Cenotaph war memorial in London. Now I find it important to mention the following things "The driver of the car was briefed by production prior to filming as to where to drive and to not do any manoeuvres close to the monument, an instruction to which he fully adhered. Top Gear has said that it consulted with the Metropolitan Police film unit and the special events unit of Westminster City Council over the "large-scale, complex shoot, prepared over a period of four months" and that this"required numerous road closures, health and safety regulations to be in place, and also included full disclosure to local residents, including the Treasury and Foreign Office". So it isent like they just shot down there and did what the heck they like.

Apparently though in photos that have been taken the momorial appears closer to the car than people like and therefore a whole bunch of people have got there panties in a bunch saying that this means that the driver Matt and TopGear in general dont appreciate war veterans and have showed poor judgment and how disgusting it is. Now immediatly Co-host Chris Evans apologised for the stunt, the BBC have wanted to distance themselves from it and the council were the memorial is are claiming they didnt know anything was going to be done other than just the car driving past and I am sat here kind of just not believing it all. The last film I saw in the cinema was London has Fallen a film filled with explosions and monumnets blowing up left right and center, it is a darn good film and never once has anyone suggested that seeing all of the Uk's most important capital based buildings explode is disrespectul, if anything it reminded me how many great landmarks we have.

It is just entertainment which has a beautiful backdrop, some people just want to see offense everywere they look, personally Chris Evans is a pillock if he is going to appologise so much so early on all he will do is scare people that the new Top Gear is going to be so straight laced it hurts.They could have shown the footage and then made a stament about the monumnet and what it staands for, it certainly doesnt stand for oppression of expression.

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