Friday, 11 March 2016

Laptops built to die

So I find myself on a new laptop, is it an upgrade? No in fact you could quiet easily refer to it as a downgrade. So the obvious question is why would I downgrade. Well it wasnt really a choice my old laptoop simply broke and was not reperable, so I went and looked at my fianances and decided what I could spend on a laptop bearing in mind all the bills and expenses I had coming up and went from there.

Laptops in my oppinion are basically made to break, they are screwed togther so tightly and made in a way that if something simple blows it might be so deep inside the machine that the very act of getting to it to even have a look would break your machine. In most cases they are made with no thought put in to how they can be maintained and serviced, quiet simply the companies who make them dont want you to be able to look after them and keep them running. Usually the only parts you can get near or really have any hope of replacing are the the hardrive and the memory but here I am going to make some simple suggestions which would make owning a laptop a lot less of a pain in the behind, I doubt any company will ever do any of these.

1) Place the internal battery under an accesable flap so if it runs out if can be easily replaced

2) Make a removable fan system so that to prevent overheating you can remove and clean the fans

3) Less screw and less complexity inside in case you need to go inside it

4) If anything is going to be connected to the board by wires make these replacable clip into place wires replacments of which can be purchased for a reasonable price

Yes I know all of this is a bit of a pipe dream and that anyone who heavily uses there laptop will proberbly go on having to replace there laptop every few yers most of the time for often very simple stupid reasons but I wanted to just throw some of this out there.

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