Monday, 11 July 2016

Brock Lesner UFC 200 win and his part time staus in WWE.

There is actually a lot I could talk about within the world of wrestling to the point that its hard to know where to start but here goes. to this end I plan on my next few posts being wrestling related and I will start with this one,  I will start by talking about Brock Lesner. Now love him or hate him anyone can see that the guy certainly does recieve a mixed response. Some dislike the fact that he is basically a part time worker and yet still gets to hold belts and be treated as a high value commodity while others like the fact that he is a genuine bad ass fighting machine who competes in the UFC. Well Brock had a UFC fight against Mark Hunt at UFC 200 recently.  A fight which I found pretty darn impressive to watch, a fight he won by a unaminious decision. There was however before the fight a lot of questions floating in the air what would happen if Brock lost being one of them. You see the beauty of wrestling is that with it being predetermined you can make whoever you want look like a legitmate fighter with UFC being real though there was no control over the effect a loss or win would have on the beasts image. You would think that this would cause the WWE to not want him to compete well the WWE chief brand officer Stephanie McMahon had commented on the fact Brock would be fighting at UFC 200 by claiming that the WWE were “not supporting the fight necessarily”,  when this was brought to the beasts attention he laughed adding that “I don’t care what she says.” when asked if a loss would effect his WWE drawing power his response was  “I really don’t give a shit.”. With Brock apparently earning around 2.5 Million for his UFC fight it looks like the WWE kind of need him more than he needs them.

Brock was asked if the win meant that we would be seeing him fight again in the UFC again and he gave the response “One day at a time.”. Usually Brock is a man of very few words but this didnt stop him from delivering a passionate plea to America to stop the violence which has been happening lattly and to all try to come togther “America! Shout out to all the men and women who protect this country, from one white boy to all nationalities, we need to stand together people!”

Speaking after the fight, UFC President Dana White seemed pretty supportive of Brock commenting that “People don’t realise that for a guy who’s only fought a few times in this sport then goes away for as long as he has, with his age (38) and everything to come back and do what he did again tonight is pretty impressive,” adding that Brock is “ a freak of nature.”

So I guess what has come out of this more than anything is the fact that Brock is going to do what Brock wants to do and if you like that or not its kind of the way its going to be. Sure you can hope that WWE or UFC throw him to the curb but the truth is the guy is a darn good draw and makes both companies a lot of money. This win in UFC 200 will make them want him to fight again and will also make him look even more like a legitmate threat inside the WWE. Add to this the fact the WWE is about to bring back the brand split and will need all the legitimate stars they can get there hands on and the fact theres proberbly going to be even more gold to go around and I think Brock is deffinetly there to stay, part time at least.

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