Sunday, 31 July 2016

July 2016 Retro Game Purchases

With this month I set myself the target of trying to spend less on games. to this point there is a period of around 7 daays when I didnt so much as look at a game, I kind of get the feeling that the whole idea sort of fell out of the window and Iproberbly spent just as much as I usually do but I guess I will have to wait until the end when I tally everything up, still I am not about to shout at myself when all of my bills were paid first and foremost and I dont drink or smoke or do much else with my spare cash.

So the month started with KAGEKI fists of steel for the megadrive (american) cart only arriving on the 1st of July, it cost me  £3 including postage which I jumped on as it was the cheapest I had ever seen this game being sold for. I thought this was pretty cool as it only came out in Japan and America and the price was nice and low. Yeah you might have realised that if it arrived on the 1st then I obviously orderd it before but I always go with the date a game arrives for these things mostly because I would feel stupid bragging I had something just to find it got lost in the post or there was some other issue.

Then on Friday the 8th of  July after work I went to a charity shop and spent £4 on the following 4 complete gamecube games Legends of wrestling, Xmen 2 Wolerines Revenge, Reign of Fire
and 007 Everything or nothing. I also spent £2 on two complete PSP games King Kong and Wipeout Pure.

 On Sunday the 10th of July I picked up Naruto Ultimate Ninja heroes complete for the PSP for £4
and Touch Detective 2 1/2 complete for DS (American) for £6 from a small independent game store. I was mostly intrested in Touch Detective 2 1/2 because of the fact its from Atlus and also because I had heard god things about it.

The next day I nipped in to a charity shop and got 4 PS2 games for £2 in total, Burnout 3, OO7 agent under fire, and harry potter quidditch world cup all boxed but missing manuals and then play it pinball complete.

On the 12th I found myself in another small indie shop and grabbed World Cup Italia 90 cart only for megadrive 50pence and Mega Games 1 cart only for megadrive 50pence. I just couldnt not grab loose carts for 50pence it was to inviting.

Admitidly so far pickings had been a little slim or at the very least uneventful but over the next few days I managed to grab a few things I had been chasing for awile waiting to see them at the right kind of price.

On the 13th of July I went to visit a retro shop I hadnt been to before to see if they had anything which I would want. At first I looked around and a fair bit of there stuff was eiher over priced or pretty much the going rate but then I spotted Dynamite Duke for the mega drive complete for £5, every time I have seen this before it has either been a little more than this and just a loose cart or closer to £15 so I imediatly dived on it.

On Friday the 15th of July I recieved a complete copy of  Decap Attack (American Version) For the megadrive for £10 complete including postage. I had wanted this game for a very long time, I had been eying up a copy in a local indy shop but it was not in very good condition and was also missing the manual and was £15 which I just didnt really want to pay for it at least not in that condition.

On Sunday the 17th of July I managed to snag a copy of Pokemon Conquest for DS complete £10 from a private seller. I feel very lucky to have got this as now with the whole Pokemon Go mania things seem to be shooting up in price and becoming more difficult to get your hands on.
Then on Monday the 18th of July I walked in to my local game after work and decided to look through the Wii and PSP games and I managed to find a copy of 3rd Birthday - Twisted Edition complete for the PSP for £5. I have wanted this game for a long time but every time I have seen it it has been a lot more than this so I have kind of waited. 

On Saturday July the 23rd a few bits and pieces I had orderd arrived these were
N Plus for PSP new still sealed for £2.50, Lumines Plus for the ps2 new and still sealed for £2
and BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Portable for the PSP new and still sealed for £3.50 (all prices include the postage). I also went in to an indy shop and got 4 copies of Top gear Rally cartridge only for £4 in total.. Once again I know that in the future I might sell off some spare N64's I have so this would be ideal to throw a cart in to show they work and even if I never end up doing that they were cheap enough not to worry too much

On Monday the 25th of July after work I walked in to a local indy store and convinced them to sell me XIII, Starwars Bounty Hunter, and Starwars Jedi Outcast all complete for Gamecube for £12 in total, cant really say what I spent on what as the guy I got them from basically even though he tends to have prices on things will give you a deal price if you just grab everything you want (obviously encouraging you to grab more stuff). I also popped in to a cash convertors pawn store and grabbed X-Men next dimension complete for xbox for 50pence

The last things I got this month were a complete copy of Test Drive 5 for the PS1 from a charity shop for 50pence and Vigilante 8 - 2nd Offense complete for PS1 for £2.

Ok so what am I most happy about getting, well to start at the end I was very happy to get Vigilante 8 2nd offense for £2 as I have often seen it sell for around £18 nowdays, but not only this its something I remember playing back in the day and that I am just happy to own. I am also over the moon to have got Pokemon Conquest and to have got Third Birthday. I am also very happy with Decap Attack but I think in all honesty the thing I am the most pleased I managed to get this month is a complete copy of Dynamite Duke, basically because I owned this game as a kid and have always wanted it back, its not exactly the same as I used to own a Japanese version and this is a Uk version but still I get to play a game I love again after a very long time so I am smiles all around.

So did I spend less or more, well by my calculations I spent £75 on retro games which is less than the £90 I spent the month before but its exactly the same as I spent the month before that so I guess really you could just call it a pretty typical spend for me. There is a bright lining though, part of why I wanted to minimise my spending was because well everyone only has a limited amount of space they can fill but I did get rid of approximatly 4 large black bags full of old clothing and about the same amount of bags worth in junk. I also recently donated a Megadrive and a Master System 2 to a friend who was just starting out in the world of Video Game collecting as I figured I could spare them both and it would be good to see someone getting some usage out of them instead of them sitting under my bed.

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