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WWE The brand split GM'S and the draft.

 So the WWE is currently going through some changes with the reintroduction of the brand split making Raw and Smackdown two properly seperate entities again, two programmes witth two diffrent rostas of talent competing against each other.

We have known this was happening for awile, first we found out that the Raw Commissioner wouldd be Stephanie McMahon and the SmackDown Live Commisoner would be Shane McMahon, then we were told that they would have to both pick a general manager responsible for the day to day runnning of each of there respective shows. Now I have to give some kudos to the WWE they have done a very good job of keeping the audience guesssing, of making every single little bit of this process something for people to debate something to keep there fanbase discussing things talking about what they think will happen, what they hope will happen. I was in this situation myself I was paractially jumping up and down when I heard that Shane would be Smackdown Live Commisoner and I couldnt help but hope that the General Managers of both shows would be people who made me just as excited I rememberd people who had been General Manager in the past and I started compiling mental lists thinking oh wouldnt it be cool if one of them turned out to be Kurt Angle or Paul Hayman and then the actual GM's were announced.

So Raw has ended up with Mick Foley as General Manager, and SmackDown Live has ended up with Daniel Bryan as there General Manager.  How did I feel about this? Well I was over the moon to find out that Mick Foley would be a GM, I adore the guy he is just one of those personalities inside the wrestling world that I jusst cant get enough of, I have to admit I partly wish he was the SmackDown GM as I well I just kind of have a SmackDown bias, every time the shows have been properly seperated with there own rosta's of talent I have ended up finding myself very much Team SmackDown but I can understand why they would put him on Raw. You see the thing is I dont think the WWE is dumb, they know that most people tend to prefer Shane over his siter after all the man has put his health and well-being on the line countless times for the fans, there has been locker room story after locker room story about how Shane is the one who all of the wreestlers respect, how he is the one McMahon that pretty much no one has an issue with so a lot of people will have a natural bias to side with him and if you want to run two good inderpendant shows then you have to stack the cards evenly, if you give everything good to one show then everyone will just follow that and ignore the other and this would not be a good thing in the long term.

So who did Shane get as his GM on SmackDown Live? He got Daniel Bryan. Now the thing is I am not a massive fan of his but I have to tip my hat and note that when he was announced the crowd went wild, the guy is a fan favourate, people were sad that his wrestling career was ended early and are generally happy to see him back in a diffrent capacity, I think this is a good thing the WWE have noticed peoples love for the guy and for once instead of being pig headed and doing whatever they want to do have actually done what Vince claims should be done and that is ''whats best for business''.

 OK so what about who got who in terms of wrestlers well as SmackDown Live is going to be a 2 hour show and Raw will be a 3 hour show basically it went like this in every round of drafts Smackdown would be able to pick  wrestlers where as Raw would get 3 given the fact that with the extra hour of programming Raw would need more to fill it with. below I will give each round of the draft complete with a little of what I think about it here and there.

Round No. 1
1. Seth Rollins - Raw
2. WWE Champion Dean Ambrose - SmackDown Live
3. WWE Women's Champion Charlotte - Raw
4. AJ Styles - SmackDown Live
5. Finn Bálor - Raw from NXT

 Well to be honest the only guy here who I really like personally is Dean Ambrose and with my SmackDown bias I am very happy to hear that this is the programme he will be on. As for what is best for business well with Raw getting Rollins and Smackdown getting Amrbose things are nice and equal, I dont like them the same but I see them as having a simmilar percieved value and fan base. Also intresting to note that Raw has taken the Womens champion, is Raw going to be our main source for female wrestling in the WWE?

Round No. 2
6. Roman Reigns - Raw
7. John Cena - SmackDown Live
8. Brock Lesnar - Raw
9. Randy Orton - SmackDown Live
10. WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day - Raw

Again Raw takes belts by taking the WWE Tag Team champs leaving me to wonder if Raw will have more or the majority of tag team matches. As for individual wrestlers again I feel with Raw tking Reigns and Lesnar and Smackdown grabbing Cena and Orton things are being kept very even.

Round No. 3
11. Sami Zayn - Raw
12. Bray Wyatt - SmackDown Live
13. Sasha Banks - Raw
14. Becky Lynch - SmackDown Live
15. Chris Jericho - Raw

Round No. 4
16. United States Champion Rusev (with Lana) - Raw
17. Intercontinental Champion The Miz (with Maryse) - SmackDown Live
18. Kevin Owens - Raw
19. Baron Corbin - SmackDown Live
20. Enzo & Cass - Raw

Round No. 5
21. Gallows and Anderson - Raw
22. American Alpha - SmakDown Live from NXT
23. Big Show - Raw
24. Dolph Ziggler - SmackDown Live
25. Nia Jax - Raw from NXT

Round No. 6
26. Neville - Raw
27. Natalya - SmackDown Live
28. Cesaro - Raw
29. Alberto Del Rio - SmackDown Live
30. Sheamus - Raw

Round No. 7 (announced during WWE Draft Center Live on WWE Network)
31. Golden Truth - Raw
32. The Usos - SmackDown Live
33. Titus O'Neil - Raw
34. Demon Kane - SmackDown Live
35. Paige - Raw

Round No. 8 (announced during WWE Draft Center Live on WWE Network)
36. Darren Young (with Bob Backlund) - Raw
37. Kalisto - SmackDown Live
38. Sin Cara - Raw
39. Naomi - SmackDown Live
40. Jack Swagger - Raw
41. The Ascension - SmackDown Live

Round No. 9 (announced during WWE Draft Center Live on WWE Network)
42. The Dudley Boyz - Raw
43. Zack Ryder - SmackDown Live
44. Summer Rae - Raw
45. Apollo Crews - SmackDown Live
46. Mark Henry - Raw
47. Alexa Bliss (from NXT)

Round No. 10 Picks (announced during WWE Draft Center Live on WWE Network)
48. Braun Strowman - Raw
49. Breezango - SmackDown Live
50. Bo Dallas - Raw
51. Eva Marie - SmackDown Live
52. Shining Stars - Raw
53. The Vaudevillains - SmackDown Live

Round No. 11 (announced during WWE Draft Center Live on WWE Network)
54. Alicia Fox - Raw
55. Erick Rowan - SmackDown Live
56. Dana Brooke - Raw
57. Mojo Rawley - SmackDown Live from NXT
58. Curtis Axel - Raw
59. Carmella - SmackDown Live from NXT

Everything feels quiet nicly split with neither brand having all of the good talent so I have to say that it is a case of so far so good but only time will tell with only 59 names mentioned so far and the WWE trying to court new and returning stars it is obvious that there will be names added to both shows as time goes on. I guess now its just a case of waiting to see how this all pans out.

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