Friday, 15 July 2016

Happy 33RD Birthday Family Computer



It is kind of an important anniversery today in the world of gaming after all 33 years ago on July the 15th 1983 Nintendo launched there Family Computer better known by its shortend name the Famicom. You might known it better by the name it launched with latter in North America and then even latter in europe under the Nintendo Entertainment system aka the NES. Despite its advanced age Nintendo of Japan actually offerd support including both technical advice and repairs for the machine up until the year 2007. It was released for ¥14,800 launched alongside its launch games were Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr. and Popeye ports of 3 of Nintendos previouly successful arcade titles.
The Famicom didnt just borrow its launch line up from previous Nintendo arcade games it also borrowed something else from a past success it borowed the D pad from Nintendo's game and watch handheld series. Believe it or not apparently Nintendo was originally going to go the route of joysticks they had apparently taken a few American ones apart and contemplated it but then decided children might stand on them and that they would be less long lasting. Its funny to think about this considering the fact that the D-pad basically went on to become one of the standard must have for all console joypads, one we still have on pads to this day.
So what can I say other than Happy Birthday Little fellow :)

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