Sunday, 17 July 2016

Pokemon GO a very brief bit about it..

Ok so Pokemon Go recently launched in the UK, it hasnt been the smoothest of launches though with the serves seeming to have gone down several times for rather long periods and the program being a bit of a crash fest. It has had a very strong effect on Nintendo's share price though, so love it or hate it if your a fan of Nintendo you can at the very least thank it for that.

What do I think of it? Well first I dont actually have it myself, I have only played it with a friend on her phone so I wont be reviewing it in the sense of giving it a final score or going overly official here but these are just some of my breif views on my experiance with it. Well the stability issues both in terms of servers and it just plain crashing bother me but these are things that can be ironed out in time. I have had the opportunity to go on several lengthy walks  kind of following the game letting it largly dictate the direction we walk in as we approach gyms and pokestops and generally look for diffent Pokemon. Is it the best game in the world? To answer this briefly no it is not in my oppion. Is it fun though Yes. If your a real pokemaniac who has been a fan for them for a long time you will notice certain crazy things like Pokemon possesing moves they really shouldnt but this is something that although I hope more attention is paid to in the future really should just be ignored for the sake of enjoying what is there.

The game is not the best representation of Pokemon and it does not feature everything the handheld titles do but then thats not the way I would personally tell people to look at this game. Dont treat it like an RPG treat it like its part Game, Part fitness tool and part social tool. Meet up with people go for a coffee and then go on a nice walk and see what you can find, basically exerciseing without feeling like you are because your wrapped up in the world of the game. Find Pokemon in the wild and make your friends pose with them on there head, use it as a tool to get your children out in the outside world being both in the fresh air but also using what is a rather intresting bit of technology to spark there imaginations.

Some people are going to knock it because of the fact that everyone seems to be into it right now and there is this massive hype about it, a hype which maybe is not fully deserved but then people have certainly gone nuts about far worse far less inovative things. If someone walks off a cliff or into traffic because they are playing Pokemon Go then it is not the games fault, so when you see all of this Pokemon Go caused this or that news stories honestly stop and think about it and treat it with a grain of salt, plenty of people have fell over because theyve been looking at there phones instead of where they are going before, its not the games fault its a common sense issue. I would infact strongly argue that I believe the game is good for peoples healh for many reasons, one the fact its encouraging people to get out and about, to exercise and to socialise. People will argue that it has caused this or that argument but then remember how many dicks actually exist in the world and the fact that there are some people so full of agro that they can start an argument with themselves in a mirror over how burnt there toast is.

I think that Pokemon Go however has absolutly massive potential. So far it only features Pokemon from the orginal 150 but the games lifespan could be greatly increased through them slowly adding more and more pokemon until we reach the dizzy heights that are vailable in the most recent handheld titles, then there are things to add like trading, player vs player anywere battles, not only type advantages but enviromental advantages. As well as being a stand alone game on its own there is a lot of potential to make it somehow connect to the future Nintendo Handheld games, maybe by serving as a gateway to those games for the newer more casual player by allowing there progress in Go to give them certain benefits if they pick up the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon on 3DS. At the end of the day at the very least it shows Nintendo are not in any danger of becoming stuck in there ways and running out of new and inovative ideas, they are not affraid to look for companies to partner up with or ways to promote there name and there IP. A healthy Nintendo stock price can only be good for the Video Game Market in general

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