Thursday, 1 December 2016

My Retro Video Game Purchases for November 2016

After last months quiet month I started the month wanting to get a bit more stuff, I didnt want to pay stupid money though, I wanted to stick to my usual dont buy anything I cant get for a price I consider to be good rule, yes I was willing to buy online but only if I kept to this rule online as well as offline.

Well my November purcashing started on the 4th. I went in to a charity shop and got the following PS2 games boxed complete for 49pence each , True crime streets of LA, SSX 3, Smackdown here comes the pain, Smackdown vs raw, and smackdown vs raw 2007. From the same shop I also got Commanods 2 men of courage complete for the original xbox for 49pence. On the same day I visited a pawn store and spent £5 on a cart of Star Wars Episode 1 Racer for the N64.

On the 7th I recieved a copy of Gunship for the megadrive boxed complete which I had brought online for £3 with free postage. I also popped into my local CEX on the way home from work and got Williams Arcade's greatest hits cart only for snes for £7, quiet a lot to pay for the games on the cart but pretty cheap compared to how much this cart sometimes goes for.

On the 11th I visited a friend who lives in a diffrent town from me and while there I popped into his local CEX, here I managed to grab a few DS games I have wanted for quiet awile but never had the chance to grab at good prices. I got Cop The Recruit for £2, Magical Starsign for £3 and Children of Mana for £5 all of them complete. I also grabbed Total CLub Manager 2005 still sealed for Xbox  for £1 from a charity shop down the road from CEX. When I got home I found out thata copy of AAAHH!!! Real Monsters for Megadrive cart and case missing the manual that I had paid £6 for including postage had arrived while I was out.

On the 12th I went in to a charity shop and got Hitman Blood Money complete for xbox for £1 and Medal of Honour rising sun complete for ps2 for 49pence. I then went to a little indie store and spent £5 on a cart only copy of  1080 Snowboarding for  theN64, I  proberbly could have found it a little cheaper but I was on a way to a friends to play N64 togther and  really wanted to have a bash on it again and to show it to him without having to wait around for it to arrive from somewere and wait till the next time I was headed to his.

On the 16th I got something through the post I had orderd a few days before a cart only copy of
Lamborghini for the N64 for £2.75 including postage, its a game I didnt own and it was cheap so figured I would give it a bash.   
On the 17th I had two things I had orderd arrive in the post one was TaleSpin boxed for the NES but missing manual for £10 (including postage) and the other was Global Gladiators for the Game Gear complete for £3. The thing is you seldom see NES games at a decent price, its got to the point when you see a old horribly stained and label ripped catridge only copy of a sports title and shops tend to want at least £8 for it so to see one of the old Disney titles for this cheap with its box was just awesome.

I got a fair few things on the 18th the first two arriving in the post The lucky dime caper starring donald duck for Game Gear complete for £2.65 (including postage) and MRC: Multi Racing Championship for N64 complete for £4.50 (including postage). I also got a pile of PSP stuff for £8.30 from an indie that wanted shut of there psp stuff, Thrillville, 50 cent bullet proof, Bliss Island, Space Invaders Evolution all complete, Dark Stalkers chronicle the chaos tower boxed but missing its manual and then 8 copies of TalkMan 7 of which were still sealed, might sounnd weird but I figured that some of my RPG's and such could do with nice new cases.

On the 20th I got Solstice for the NES boxed complete for £12, again it is just great to see a NES game I didnt own for a good price, it was from an indy store, and in fairness I was quiet suprised because a lot of the other games they had for the NES were a lot more for just the carts (For example Top Gun Second Mission cart only for £20).

On the 21st, I picked up a copy of The lucky dime caper starring donald duck for Game Gear cart only for £1 from an indy games store.... yep recently I got it boxed but how often do you see game gear carts in general this cheap? Plus it also means I can put the boxed one well out of harms way and just grab this one to use in my Game Gear. I also got GodZillia Destroy all monsters melee for Gamecube complete for £6 including postage, I had orderd it a few days ago but I never count my games till they arrive and I make sure they are Ok. It seems like a long time since I got something for the cube that I really wanted, which is a shame as the Cube is a machine I have a real soft spot for. This potentially makes it one of my favourate puchases of the month, not only is it a cube game I wanted but Godzillia is just awesome in general.

On the 25th (Black Friday) I went in to a charity shop and got Spyro enter the dragonfly complete for ps2 for £1  and Crash wrath of cortex (platinum version) complete for £1. I also had a second copy of Lamagini arrive for the N64 for £2.50 including postage cartridge only that I had orderd arrive, I had orderd it to take to a friends to use on his N64 but he has gone and sold his N64 oops (call me weird but If I am going to go take a game to a friends I like it to be a spare copy just incase anything happens to it etc).

On the 28th I purchased a  small bundle of Wii games for £18 from a charity shop, as the switch is not far away sod it im considering the cube retro... This bundle contained Wii sports (in card board case) and then the rest of these wii games complete, Mario Galaxy, Mario Strikers Charged, Wii sports resort, zelda twilight princess, no more heroes, Star Wars force Unleashed, resident evil umbrella chronicles, and Worms a space oddity.

So I ended the month having spent £114.13on retro games which is actually somewhat of  a return to form for me after having spent a relativly small amount last month.

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