Monday, 19 December 2016

A rambling Post.. The New Days Record, Halo 5, Christmas, Pokemon Sun and the MegaDrive Everdrive I am waiting for.

Ok so this is going to be a bit of a rambling post its just a collection of a lot of diffrent things that have crossed my mind in the last few days a bit like a crazy journal/diary entry, not that I have ever kept one. Some of it is about this blog and other bits are about things I usually talk about on here so here goes. Oh if you dont want to know about day to day stuff feel free to skip it I will be back to talking just about games and horror soon enough. Also I am going to cover diffrent topics here so if you personally dont enjoy something I am talking about dont worry just skip to the next bit.

Well here for a start is a quick bit for anyone who read my Post about The New Day getting close to beating Demolitions record for the number of days a team has held the WWE Tag team championships for in one uninterupted reign, in case you hadnt heard they beat Demolitions record and then promptly lost the belts. How do I feel about this? Well I guess the best answer would be conflicted. On the one hand The New Day have worked really hard to push the gimic they were given and have actually had some very good matches, they have also pushed a lot of merchandise and been good for business and well I would like to congratulate them. Yes I know Wrestling is scripted so someone could gain or loose belts at the drop of a hat so some people would say they held them so long because it was decided they would but its not that simple. The New Day had to work hard to get themselves over and to earn the companies faith and to get a big enough reaction from the fans to be kept in that position so I take my hat off to them. I feel sorry for Demolition though as they no longer have that record and its not like they are in the WWE Hall of Fame and proberbly wont get to go in it. I mentioned a law suit where wrestlers were taking WWE to court in a class action in relation to concusions well Demolition are a part of that so I cant help but feel there record was broken partly as a way to punish them for daring to stand up to the WWE on this matter. Like many things in this post I wanted to briethly talk about this but didnt think it was worth a lone post.

I write a post on here once a month to say how much I have spent on retro games, but I dont really talk about other stuff that I buy, or I might talk about it if its a film or game I decided to review but I dont go ''oh I got Night of the Living Dead on Blue Ray Today and it cost me £3.50''. This is mostly because it would get a little boring if I did that in my oppinion. I do however obviously buy modern games, fims and even books so with that in mind, around Halloween I accidentally purchased Puppet Master 2 on Blue Ray, now you might wonder how someone can accidentally pick an item up and take it to a till and pay for it, well the truth is with the way the cover is, big picture at the top and the movies title at the bottom, well where they had stuck the price sticker it had coverd up the 2 and I had assumed I was buying the first Puppet Master. I sorted this out today by simply buying Puppet Master and then Puppet Master 3. I havent watched any of them in years but have fond memories of them so you can expect to see something related to them on here soon, not sure if I will review them one at a time or do one big article on them in general, and when I say soon I mean sometime after Christmas after all it wouldnt be Christmas if I didnt try to watch Gremlins, Krampus, Home Alone, Its a Wonderful Life and other holiday related films like that would it?

Speaking of Christmas I have obviously been doing the same old things that everyone does, I have been buying and wrapping presents, yes I had some of them ready before december in fact I would say like 75% of stuff had already been got but I have had to sort though it, wrap it and exchange gifts. It has been hard to get very festive though because the holidays have brought added work stress and social stress and I just know that once they are all gone and dusted things will settle down a lot more so that kind of has me looking forward to the end of the holiday period more than I am actually looking forward to Christmas itself. I did breath a sigh of relief when I got through what I believe will be my biggest pain in the butt holiday related shift and I even attended a Carol service with my daughter and my girlfriend. Also am I the only one who finds the whole present thing super super stressfull? I just handed over the last presents I needed to deliver a day or so ago and they were to my girlfriend, now there are some which I hope show that I actually listen to her and know what she likes and care about her and then there are some sort or just pleasent fillers, little bits and pieces but I really wish that instead of waiting till Christmas she would just open them all now because a little part of me is terrified I havent got enough of them or the right things, and its not just hers this is how I feel about what I have gotten everyone. Christmas can be a real stresser with work and present shopping and trying to keep on top of everything. Then there has been all the food buying, the freezer is full, the back room table is coverd and I had all my timings down and ready to try to cook the best christmas dinner I can, but then I have been saved at the last moment by my brother who has invited everyone around to his so in the first time in years I will be able to just sit and kick back and enjoy a Christmas meal someone else has made.

With Christmas looming ever closer and the chance I could either be given an Xbox One game or grab another one in a sale I have been looking at getting a new external hardrive as mine is full, I just cant seem to settle on a price and size though so decided that maybe just for now I would be better finshing something so that I could delete it to make way for something else. I decided to do this quiet logically, I looked at what was taking up the most room on my Hard Drive and it was Halo 5 at aalmost 100gigs with the next closist thing being around 60. I had hardly played Halo 5 at all, in fact a lot of my game playing lattly has been more diping in and out of things more than actually trying to finish something but I have knuckled down and finished it now. It wasnt a bad game, I enjoyed it more than Halo 4. I think a lot of this was to do with the character Buck being in it, he is voiced by Nathan Fillion of FireFly fame. I know I know I could have spun talking about this out in to a post itself but I didnt want to talk about it that much, if you want a review I will sum it up as ''hey if you enjoyed the other Halo games then you will like this''. I know I used to do a almost monthly post about the game I had completed each month but nowdays I dont always manage a game a month, sometimes I just make lots of little bits of progress in lots of games, for example at the moment I have also played and completed the first episode of the telltale Walking Dead Michone game and I am something like 28 hours into Pokemon Sun, oh as for a short review for that, If you like Pokemon buy it, its a good game and they have actually tried a few diffrent things here and there to try to keep it fresh.

I have actually orderd myself a EverDrive fo rmy MegaDrive, a device on which I can put megadrive games, hacks, homebrew and the like on to an SD card and then load them up on the megadrive, it is on its way to me in the post but with it being this time of year who knows when I will get it. I am not planning on buying any less games I more just want to play around with it, but who knows it may effect this blog as I might review the odd hack or the device itself or who knows, but I figured it was worth a mention at the moment.

Well for now I am going to leave things here... I worked out the other day that this year I have been posting roughly every 5 days so If I keep this up then maybe there will be another post before Christmas (I would like there to be another 3 but thats not a rate I seem to be managing lattly) but just in case I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

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