Sunday, 4 December 2016

Should The New Day beat Demolitons record of 478 days as tag team champions?

If  there is one thing fans of wrestling have learned it is that the WWE have a major hard on for getting members of there current roster to break title records, heck we are even teetering on the edge of getting to see Cena beat Rick Flairs record of 16 world title reigns. This is not the record I am going to be talking about now though.

If you have been paying attention to the things they have been saying on Monday Night Raw then you will have heard mention that The New Day are getting ever closer to reaching/beating Demolition's record of 478 days as Tag Team champions. Now The New Day have proved themselves to be incredibly popular with sales of there merchandise being a real money spinner for the WWE, so I can see why they have been given such a long run and come December the 13th they will have equalled Demolitions Record and if they can make it to the 14th then they will have beaten it but should they?

I was and always be a massive fan of Demolition and I think given that they hold this record and that they were one of the most important tag teams during a period in the WWE's history when the tag division was very talent rich it is a huge shame that they are not in the hall of fame, heck the bushwhackers who were a very comedy heavy team from back then have made it to the hall so why haven't Demolition? Well I think part of it is the fact that both main members of Demolition have had some disagreements with the WWE in the past in fact both of them are currently a part of what I would refer to as the Concussion lawsuit (a bunch of X-WWE wrestlers taking WWE to court in connection to the WWE allegedly ''neglecting the health of there performers'' which I have previously mentioned on this blog. By letting The New Day beat the record the WWE would practically eliminate the need to talk about Demolition in the future when it comes to long impressive title reigns as they would from this point forwards refer to the new day instead, it also allows them to manufacture big moment when the streak is beaten. The truth is as great and loved as Demolition was to some of us to Vince they were pretty much just his rip off version of the Road Warriors/Legion of Doom who he was happy to make vast piles of money from until he could get his hands on the real thing. I personally would argue that even if in some ways Demolition started out as Road Warrior clones in some ways they went far beyond this and became a wonderful historic team in there own right and its a darn shame if people don't see them in this way. 

In answer to the question of if The New Day should beat the record or not how do I feel? Well if they are being made to beat it in an attempt to try and erase demolition from history then no it shouldn't happen, as that would be a very shitty spoiled baby move by the WWE as despite who wins or losses the lawsuit Demolition was still a great team who brought some absolute fantastic moments to WWE television/Events and they should be placed in to the Hall of Fame were they belong instead of being airbrushed out of history. If the streak could be broken without negatively effecting Demolitions legacy then I don't really have an issue with it, however I would argue that it would be an even bigger swerve to have them loose at the very last moment surprising the fans and robbing the New Day of the record, there is so much you could do with this from a story point of few so many ways you could use it either to change the group or well lets face it there have been whisperings for a long time about the group splitting up because WWE sees a particular member as having a future as a single wrestler, maybe make the loss this persons fault and see him thrown from the New Day?

Regardless of it the record is broken or not I will never ever forget Demolition, it is time for them to go in the Hall of Fame because there comes a point were if you keep the best of the best out of the hall due to personal grudges and petty squabbles then you actually majorly damage the credibility of the hall itself.

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