Friday, 23 December 2016

Is it wrong to use Peter Cushings likeness after his death, and the Helen Cushing Rose.

OK so lets get one thing straight right from the start of this, I adore  Peter Cushing, the first time I saw him as a child was in the American Doctor Who and the Daleks movies, then he was Moff Tarkin in Starwars , then I found out that he was Van Helsing in the Hammer Horror Dracula films and got in to his horror work, I dont think I would be over stating it when saying that he was an amazing actor and he was one of the very best horror film actors who has ever lived.

So In order for you to get the point of what I am talking about I need to lay down a few simple points Peter Cushing is dead, he has been for sometime unfortunatly and the new StarWars film Rogue One has just come out. Ok so Rogue One is set before StarWars a new hope otherwise known as the original 1977 StarWars. They decided in this film to use CGI so that Grand Moff Tarkin the character portrayed in the original 1977 film could appear in this film despite the actor who originally brought him to life being dead. Now some people seem to have a problem with this Catherine Shoard has written an artile for the Guardian online where she offers the oppinion that ''Rogue One’s resurrection is a digital indignity''one which should not have happend.  She makes what I must admit is a half way decent argument that ''The dignity of death ought to be preserved'' but isent acting itself a form of digital imortality? Peter Cushing might be dead but you can pick up any of his old films and watch them today or tommorow or in 10 years time.
For a start it needs to be noted that Peter Cushing's family gave the filmmakers permission to use his likeness. Yet people will ask what woud Cushing have thought about it. Well there are a few things I will add to this for you to thing about for one. Peter Cushing was very deeply in love with his wife, she was his world and the way he felt about her was genuinly heart warming, he talked about her after her passsing with a look which seemed to contain both a smile and a tear, he apparently wrote letters from both of them even after her pasing and In 1986, he wrote to Jim'll Fix It to request that a rose be developed in memory of his late, dearly beloved wife, Helen. This was granted and a rose was developed specially in her honour and was named ... Helen Cushing. The Helen Cushing rose was a cross between Silver Jubilee rose and a Deep Secret rose and was pink in colour, it was Cultivated by a man called Christopher Wheatcroft who used to own a garden center in Notingham. He created this rose by removing the pollen from the Silver Jubilee roses and using them to polenate the Deep Secret Roses this sounds like it would be easy to replicate but no itse not its complicated because you never know how much of the DNA from each rose will be dominant. The Helen Cushing Rose was created, I would argue that Peter Cushing wanted part of his Wife's beauty an spirit to live on in this rose and to touch others the way she had touched his life, and if this is true then I cant see him having any issue with the use of his likeness to bring pleasure to others.

I can not say that Cushing would have agreed with this use of his image or with my oppinion but I do think you should at least consider what he would want and try to learn a little about him before jumping in to the argument.

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