Friday, 30 June 2017

Retro Game Purchases June 2017

It was a funny sort of month really, my girlfriend went on holiday for about 10 days and I also had an infected wisdom tooth pulled out. I really missed my girlfriend as well I love the stuffings out of her, and I was also suffering a crazy amount of pain with my tooth. It wasnt just a case of having the tooth pulled unfortunatly I hadnt realised that my inner gum had become severly infected and this infection was causing me to suffer with a fever, which didnt go away with the tooth being pulled, it took a course of anti biotics to get shot of it. I kept dragging myself into work despite feeling like I could collapse at anytime. So I guess with everything going on I figured I deserved to treat myself a bit. I also however started to make sure that I was getting rid of a lot of stuff I donated a whole bunch of books I had read to charity shops, and sorted out a whole bunch of stuff to throw, I have kind of decided that its going to become a new part of my collecting, I am going to get rid of stuff to make room, in fact I want to make sure I always get rid of more stuff than I bring in to my home.

So I started my retro purchasing on June the 4th when I got a bundle of complete PS1 games for £7 in total, the games were StarWars the Phantom Menance, micro maniacs, F1 2000, Panzer Front, Gran Turismo (Platinum version), MTV Snowboarding, and Tommorow Never dies (platinum). They also threw in the case and second disc to Command and Conquer Red Alert for free, the case is in good condition so guess I can look and see if I have any games which need a replacment case.

On the 6th I went in to a local indy store and managed to get the following The hunt for red october SNES cart only £5, Home Alone 2 SNES cart only £5 and Earth Worm Jim Megadrive cart only £5. The SNES games I mostly got for my SNES review series where as Earth Worm Jim was a combination of its something I will actually play and I thought it was a good price.

On the 10th I recieved Warlock for the Mega Drive it was aCart and box with its missing manual for £7 including postage. They advertised it as being in great condition but when it arrived there were some issues including the fact the case doesnt close so I complained and got a partial refund, they refunded me £3. I also got Sports Trivia for game gear sealed for £3 and Final fantasy XII for ps2 complete for £1 from a charity shop.

On the 12th I grabbed a fair few things I got GTA China town wars complete for PSP £1 and Smackdown 2010 complete for psp £1, Burnout complete for ps2 for £1, GTA San Andreas complete for ps2 for £1 and Gran Turismo 4 complete for ps2 for £1 all from a charity shop. After this I visited an indy game store and got Astral Bout Japanese Snes (Super Famicom) cart only for £3, Big Run Japanese Snes (Super Famicom) cart only for £3, World Champion (Boxing) Japanese Snes (Super Famicom) complete for £5, Extreme G3 complete for Gamecube for £2 and Monopoly Party complete for GameCube for £3. The Japanese SNES games again are for my review series

The 13th was another day which was all about getting more SNES games for my reviewing series I got Barts Nightmare NTSC/American SNES cart only for £9. I am Very happy to get this as my original copy was an american cart only copy which was stolen a long time ago, I hate losing my stuff, I cant stand it when I have had something and then someone takes it away from me so this had been eating at me for a long time. I then got the following 4 loose snes carts for £15 in total Nigel Mansells world championship racing (pal), world league basketball (pal), cool spot (pal) and Tom and Jerry (NTSC/american). I have never had the pleasure of trying Tom and Jerry so thats something to look forward to.

On the 14th I managed to grab Pinball Dreams NTSC/American SNES cart only £5, this is a game I had previously played on the amiga but not the SNES and every time I had seen it before it was a lot more than this.

The 15th was another massive SNES grabbing spree I got Smash TV Snes cart only pal for £10 ,Jikyuu Power pro wrestling for snes cart only Japanese for £4.50, Ashita no Joe for snes cart only Japanese for £3.50, Full power for SNES cart only Japanese for £3.50 ,USA Ice Hockey for snes cart only japanese for £3.50 and The King of Rally for snes cart only japense for £3.50. I guess I should be all sorted for SNES games for quiet a long time now

I also grabbed Record of Lodoss War for Dreamcast boxed complete for £15, this is another game I had stolen from me so I guess this kind of makes this the month of getting things back, its also my personal fave dreamcast game. I also grabbed Blue Shadow for the NES cart only £6, Goal for the nes cart with damaged box for £2, Pro Pinball the web for the saturn complete for £2, Spongebob light camera pants cart only for gba £1, Vrally Championship edition cart only for gbc £1 Animaniacs gameboy cart only £2, Alien 3 gameboy cart only for £2, Chuckrock gamegear cart only £2. I also grabbed the following loose UMD's for £2 in total Sonic Rivals, transformers the game, starwars battlefront 2, and LA Rush.

On the 17th I got Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for gamecube complete for £6, Star Trek: The Next Generation: Echoes from the Past Genesis NTSC cart only for £9 and Disney's The Lion King for Genesis NTSC american complete for £5

On the 20th I grabbed World cup 94 for SNES cart only £1.50 and Dragoneer's Aria complete for psp £6
On the 25th I got a boxed Philips CDI 450, for £25, wont be using it anytime soon as it comes without a pad...ironically the one I got says on the box the pads sold seperatly and the pad will cost me more than the machine did if I want to have this machine as anything other than a collectable. (If I got a pad I do have 3 games for the machine)
On the 26th I went in a charity shop and brought the following for £15 a Zelda GBA SP with charger, very scratched on the outside but perfect screen. With a bunch of loose carts Scooby Doo cyber chase, hugop bukkazoom, beyblade revolution, bayblade v force, james pond robocod, dungeons and dragons eye of the beholder, harry potter and the chamber of secrets , then 3 of the GBA video cartridges Cartoon Network collection premium, cartoon network collection special, and Code Name kids next door, and a gameboy advance wirless adaptor, a fake cart of YU-Gi-Oh the sacred cards. and a pretty neat see through little display case thing.

The last purchase was a very good one I have to admit but I would say my favourate purchase was getting Record of Lodoss War back, I guess it is a sort of OCD/Autistic thing but not having that game has really botherd me and getting that and barts nightnare back has kind of let me rest more easily.

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