Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Megadrive Box art, my love of the Japanese art: QuackShot Starring Donald Duck

OK so I  keep seeing diffrent little bits of the new upcoming Duck Tales show online and quiet honestly it looks awesome, I could talk about how excited I am that David Tennant the 10th Doctor is voicing Scrooge McDuck, or how I love the fact that it looks like Doanld Duck is going to be in it a whole bunch but I thought why not do something a little bit more me. You see when I was a kid I played the absolute living heck out of the game Quackshot, It had Scrooge McDuck, Gyro, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, in it and was about treasure hunting and started out in duckburg so it was basically a MegaDrive Duck Tales based game or at least as close as the MegaDrive/Genesis got. I could have reviewed the game and heck I might even do that in the future but I didnt really fancy doing a review as well I have been doing a fair few reviews for my SNES series so I thought what do I usually do when it comes to the MegaDrive, thats right I look at and talk about the box art.

So the Pal cover of Quackshot, its not bad at all, you get to see Donald with the main weapon he uses, the art is large and bright all in all I was very happy with this case as a kid. It was the only case I had ever seen for the game though.

Well its the same art but with more border and therefore a smaller main image so I guess I would say its worse, I would complain about the brightness but I am guessing that this is just a poor scan quality.

Ok now I have to say that having seen this cover I dont know why I liked the original pal region cover so much this cover just screams Video Game version of a Doanld Duck Comic book, it talks to the part of me that couldnt get enough of Disney's Duck Tales. In fact this cover has me wanting to shout Whoo Hoooo.

So this would be my idea of the perfect case for the Pal region, it has the awesome Japanese art but sticks to the typical Pal MegaDrive template.

So I guess Its time to take a quick look at another Disney title as a sort of bonus. I had intended to stick with Donald and look at diffrent covers for Maui Mallard a latter Donald based game on the megadrive but I could only find one cover for this and it was for the Pal region so I didnt have enough for a comparison, so instead I turned to Donalds rival Mickey Mouse.

Decent enough art for the Pal version of Castle of Illusion here, theres the castle the title refers to, there is a decent picture of Mickey but its hardly the best piece of Mickey mouse art ever made and could be better in my oppinion, but lets see what the other regions got.

So the American version is basically more or less the same.

Finally here is the Japanese version, as you can tell it is once again the same piece of art. After how great and diffrent the Japanese Quackshot cover was the fact Castle of Illusion had the same cover in every single region and didnt have some awesome Japanese exclusive art is very dissapointing.

Well I hope you have enjoyed this post as I have a few more ideas for posts on MegaDrive box art.

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