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CreepShow why I love it and what its done for me

Well I guess its time to say that I have started up an Instergram account to promote this blog, if you want to find me then my name on there is kerr9000_blog

I figure that I might pull in a few new readers through this but I can also post pictures of things related to the blog or things that hint what future posts may be about. I have posted about 40 pictures up so far but a good 3 or 4 of them have been related to CreepShow and thats because for quiet some time I have been intending to talk about this amazing movie.

Through out this post I will share a few pictures and forgive me but I feel I need to say a little bit about them even if it does break up this post somewhat. The above picture is a piece of art I did using my computer, you see thats how strongly I feel about CreepShow, how much it means to me. So I guess I should start by saying what CreepShow is and how it came in to my life.

So CreepShow would have been one of the very first what I would call proper horror films I ever saw as a young person, sure I had seen some black and white classic monster movies before it and a few films which were well more on the lines of spooky kid based entertainment, I had even walked in on some shocking bits of film from this and that which I was really far to young to see but the first thing I remember actually properply sitting down to watch with my parents blessing that I found to be actually scary in any way shape or form was CreepShow.

CreepShow is one of the films which started my obsession with horror, it also started my obsession with films that had multiple stories in them. The funny thing is that CreepShow led me to the old film version of Tales from The Crypt and The Vault of Horror without me realising at the time that these films were based on comic books, comic books which had themselves been the main insperation for CreepShow. The things is that before the internet became something which was in everyones home films were watched in a very diffrent way, you tended to just watch it and enjoy what you enjoyed and hate what you hated if you liked it then sure youd talk to your friends or family about it but in a way the internet changed things and in some ways for the better. Sure I used to buy old horror books which would talk about diffrent films but a book is out of date the moment its fell off of the printing press, new films are always coming out and some films just seem to slip under the radar. Thanks to sites like IMDB you can look at films down to the very detail, you can look up who acted in films, who directed , who produced and who wrote them as well as looking at all kinds of trivia.

Sure I had noticed that an actor or writers name had appeared in more than one film I liked before but it was the internet that began to help me really connect the dots which went from film to film, comic to comic. It was when I was older using resources like this that I truly realised that it had all started with William Gaines EC Horror Comics, comics such as Tales from the Crypt and The Vault of Horror, everything fed back to them, the Tales from the Crypt TV show I had enjoyed so much the wonderful old Tales from the Crypt and Vault of Horror films and well CreepShow. You see CreepShow was basically made by Stephen King and George Romero as there love letter to the old EC comics, comics which had inspired them the way they would go on to inspire me.

What makes CreepShow so great is the fact that its one film with 5 diffrent horror based stories in it, all of them have a diffrent feel, one might be kind of funny, the next kind of creepy, the film takes you on a ride, it shocks then it makes you laugh, then it scares you just a little but what it does most of all and pretty much none stop is to entertain you, and even if you decide your not enjoying a particular story well then at least you know there will be another one along shortly.

I could rate or review CreepShow either episode by episode or overall but that simply would not get across how much this film means to me and how much it has influenced me, so sure I have done a little art like the above picture but it is also part of what made me want to be a writer. I really got behind the idea of short stories, I watched CreepShow and its sequel and then I found out about the films connection to EC comics so I watched and read Tales from the Crypt and I read all of the Stephen King short stories I could get my hands on. I had always wanted to be a writer even when I was like 6 in school I had sat and wrote in these little note books trying to come up with stories, but it was latter as an adult I found that I enjoyed writing horror stories horror stories which as far as I am concerned fit very much into the CreepShow sort of mold in fact it would be a dream come true to see someone adapt one of my stories (but that will never happen). I wrote quiet a few short stories and even a novel but the following 3 short story collections are the ones I think bear the most resemblance to CreepShow Fear Entrapment and Revenge, Fear Entrapmentand Revenge Volume 2 and Fear Entrapment and Revenge Volume 3. (If you click on any of those titles you will see it on Amazon).

To end things I wanted to share this, its on my wall its a small Creep show 2 poster around A4 size with 3 autographs on it, one of which is the special effects wizard Tom Savini, and another is the autograph of the late great George Kennedy. Well I will just end this post here and leave it as a short love letter to CreepShow and its sequel Creepshow 2 ......oh and as for CreepShow 3?  Look at Tales from the DarkSide the Movie if you want a 3rd chapter as the garbage someone branded CreepShow 3 is not worthy of the name.

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