Wednesday, 14 June 2017

E3 2017 My Oppinion on Nintendo's showing

So I didnt want to dedicate post after post to E3 but I do want to touch upon it and do a handful of posts which basically say what I think about this years E3 in general and what I think about some of the games announced and shown. Now I have to start this off by saying that I did go into this with pretty low expectations, I didnt watch everything live and I kind of had my expectations set to low, but in total honesty I was blown away by E3 2017.

So lets start with Nintendo no idea why but I needed to start this somewere and this is as good a place as any. Well ther is Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on Switch, and its looking beautiful, but the best part of this is that Nintendo Europe has continuously reassured everyone, it's still set for release this year. So if you like RPG's with great graphics and own a Switch then this might be the game you spend the better part of the end of this year on.

A new Kirby game was shown which Simply had the title Kirby, it looks like you can play it in either single player or four player co-op and its a platformer, but it has great cute graphics that awesome kirby sound and it just looks like its going to be an absolute treat to play. Seeing this instantly made me think of all the fun I had playing Kirby Epic Yarn and has wetted my appetite for this game.

GameFreak repeated the news from last week confirming that there would be a Pokken game coming to Switch before the end of the year. Having only just picked up the Wii U one half to play half to collect part of me was a little annoyed with this, you see that part was wishing that Pokken would disapear and the original would become something intresting to own, having not really played it yet I am not sure how excited the other half of me is, guess I better jump on that Wii U one before this is out to find out. This wasnt the great bit of news from GameFreak though no the great news was that the company is working on a proper Pok√©mon RPG for the Switch, it won’t be released this year and I have no idea if they mean an rpg like the regular pokemon games or something more like the gamecube games but either way this has me very excited.

One of the big announcments of this E3 for me was the following, the announcment of Metroid Prime 4,pretty much nothing was given away about it, but just the very knowledge that it is coming was enough to get people excited and its just one more thing to get people looking at and wanting a switch, it shows the machine has a future so well played Nintendo. I think this was a real stop the presses announcment but strangly I was more excited about the latter announced second Metroid game Metroid Samus Returns for 3DS. It's a re-imagining of the 1991 Gameboy game Metroid 2: Return of Samus and it's being made by MecurySteam the people who developed Castlevania: Lords of Shado, I am super excited for this as I am a much bigger fan of the old style of Metroid games, dont get me wrong I am happy about prime because it will attract fans in there droves and help put the switch on the map its just that I am certain that Samus Returns will be more my kind of game.

Nintendo also showed a new Yoshi based platformer and following in the footsteps of Kirby it currently has the simple title of ''Yoshi'' I really like the look of this and its great to see another Nintendo platformer heading to the switch if the switch needed anything it was this sort of show of power from Nintendo, we needed to know that it planned on pumping as many of its known IP's on to the system as possible.

So Koei Tecmo, the makers of Dynasty Warriors, are bringing us a Dynasty Warriors Fire Emblem style game to the switch called Fire Emblem Warriors, this had been known for awile but E3 gave us a fresh look at it... so what do I think, in honesty I am not a big fan of there Warriors style of games and yet I know I will still buy it as I am a massive Fire Emblem fan, I admit the game looks good but the majority of there games are just giant repitition simulators thats just how I feel about them as a developer most of the time saddly

The Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC was talked about, which well it looks ok but in all honesty the game is massive and I dont really feel I need any DLC for it, for those intrested though Nintendo has revealed that the first pack will feature Trials, Hero's Path mode, new armour (including the Korok Mask) plus the tougher Master Mode and will be heading out way June the 30th, with the second bunch still scheduled for winter this year.

We got a look at the Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle game which is coming to the Switch. It’s coming out on August 29th,and to be perfectly honest it looks awesome, its like the rabbids and Mario have come togther to give us a sort of cartoon whacky version of XCOM, its one of those titles where I never would have guessed it was coming, I never would have asked for it to be made but now I have heard about it and seen it I just simply need this in my life. For me this is one of the best things coming to the switch at present and it may have to be a day 1 purchse for me, which is something I dont tend to do very often.

Rocket League is coming to the switch. It’ll have cross-platform support (so you can play with people on other machines) and a bunch of other new features. It looked great but then its been out on the PS4 and Xbox One so long and I have already enjoyed it so much I just dont think I am all that botherd, if you own less consoles and the switch is your main go to or only machine then I strongly advise you jump on this but if you own a PS4 or Xbox one you can proberbly either grab a second hand copy ofg the physical release or wait for the digital to go on sale and save yourself a whole bunch of money, oh its on steam as well if you have a pc and has been on sale various times.

And, finally, there is Mario Odyssey. Mario Odyseesy looks both weird and fantastic, what we were shown showed a dinosaur stomping onto screen wearing Mario’s hat. So basically it seems that you can possess stuff in the game using Mario’s hat. From living characters to taxis. Yes it sound strange but brilliantly strange and I am sure this game will shift Switchs.

All in all I think I would have to give Nintendo a 8 out of 10 for there part in E3 and I think they have laid some pretty solid foundations here for the Switch, I personally can not wait to see how the machine does heading in to the christmas period latter this year. At the moment it all seems much more Wii than Wii U and this was a darn good showing on there behalf.

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