Monday, 12 June 2017

RIP Adam West, Caped Crusader, and fantastic human being.

So it was announced that Adam West passed away a few days ago and I instantly wanted to say something about it but as I said in my last video game review I had to have a wisdom tooth extracted and as it had led to an infection I have kind of been in and out of this pain/ pain killer induced haze so I havent managed to jump on the computer as much as I would like. I couldnt just let his passing go by though without saying something.

For the vast majority of people Adam West is quite simply Batman, thanks to the popularity of the 60's Batman TV show it ended up in syndication and as a result it was shown all across the world and it carried on being shown long after it had stopped being made and this is how I came to grow up on it, how I came to see Adam West the actor. Some people say that the show was cheap and campy, but really it was something so much more than that, before I saw the show I had no idea who Batman was, I didnt even really know what DC was, I was a Marvel kid, I was one of many other children during my youth who happend to be incredably into Spiderman. If I was going to go grab a comic book it wouldnt have been Batman it would have been one of 3 things the Beano, Transformers or Spiderman. It was Adam West that changed all of this it was Adam West who put DC on my map.

Not only was Adam West legendary for his portrayel of Batman but he was also by all accounts a darn nice guy and also proved in things such as Family Guy that he had a genius for comic delivery, so it was very sad to hear that he had died at the age of 88 after a short battle with leukemia. The best thing to hear though was that not only did he apparently pass away quickly and painlessly but he was also surrounded by his wife, his children, his grandchildren and even two great-grandchildren. You have to respect his family as well for being just as classy as West was himself, after having seen all the nice things everyone was saying about the passing of Adam West they posted the following 'We're so grateful for the outpouring of love from AW's fans, friends, colleagues, and the media. Thank you. He's listening. The West family,'

Adam West you will be missed and you will always be rememberd not only for being the  Caped Crusader but for being a great guy as well RIP and thank you for the memories.

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