Thursday, 31 August 2017

Retro Game Purchases August 2017

OK so another month over another month of retro purchasing over. Sometimes I think about stopping doing this because it just makes me see how much I have spent and worry if I am spending too much. Still I think its fun for my readers so I will keep it up.

I started the month with a trip to a local indy games store where I picked up Royal Rumble for the SNES American cart only for £5 and I also got a mystery GameBoy cart, it had lost its label so the seller gave it me for £2, it turns out its Duck Tales so I was pretty happy there.

I also went into a charity shop where I managed to get a copy of Midway Arcade Treasures 3 complete for the xbox for £2. I love compilation discs like this its just a great way to get a whole bundle of stuff for very little.

On the 3rd I walked past CEX and saw Pac Attack for snes cart only for £6 in the window. I turned around and went and purchased it. I mostly got this for my SNES review series but in total honesty nowadays its worth picking up any Super Nintendo cart which is around this price point that is not a sports based title.

I also got a few games via post on this day the following prices include the postage. I got Braines for the Snes boxed but no manual for £6 and Mario Lenieux Hockey for megadrive complete for £3
The 4th was a great day for me because I got two games I really wanted and I did particularly well price wise with one of them. I got Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers for the NES cart only for £6, and what can I say I love the Disney Capcom games so I am super happy with this but then I got Tales of Eternia for psp complete for 50P. I had looked at Tales of Eternia several times and considered getting it but this had been for prices much closer to the £15 mark and I cant say why but something inside me kept stopping me almost as if I knew if I waited I would get it for a much better price, who knows. I also got Thrillville off the rails for psp complete for 50p.

I didn't buy anything else till the 13th of August. I once again found myself looking in a CEX window and got myself 1080 Snowboarding for the N64 (players choice version) Complete for £5 and Final Fantasy Tactics War of the lions complete for PSP for £6.

On the 14th I went to a local charity shop and got Test Drive 4x4 for ps1 complete for 49pence
,Ridge Racer Type 4 for ps1 complete for 49pence and Metal Gear Solid in case but missing manual for ps1 for 49pence.

The following day I once again got some playstation games from a charity shop, I got Theme park for ps1 complete for 49pence and Mickeys wild Adventure (platinum version) complete for 49pence.

I then went to an indy games store and picked up Godzilla destroy all monsters complete for gamecube for £6 and NBA Jam Tournament Edition complete for megadrive for £6. I was really happy with NBA Jam because it didn't just have the box and manual it had like all the little warranty cards and pamphlets it would have come with when it was new.

On the 17th I got two SNES games through the post the following prices include the postage costs. I got Populous cartridge only for the Snes for £5 and Alfred Chicken cartridge only for the Snes for £9. I remember renting Alfred Chicken as a kid and this is the cheapest I have ever seen it so I am happy to have grabbed it.

 On the 18th I once again got a playstation 1 game from a charity shop and once again it was for the same cheap price. I got Ace Combat 3 electrosphere complete for 49pence.

 On the 22nd I went to an indy game shop, I looked through all of the stuff they had and they in truth wanted to much for most things but they had a pile of PSP discs most of which were largely worthless but I managed to find a copy of star ocean second evolution umd only for psp in the pile and paid £3 for it. I already own a complete copy of this game but I figured it was a darn good price. I have put it in an empty PSP case I had and photocopied the cover of my complete copy onto glossy paper to make this loose disc its own case.

On the 25th I went to a few diffrent places and picked things up. In one local indy store I got WWF Warzone for N64 cart only for £1 and F1 Pole Position 64 for N64 cart only for £1. In another indy store I got The simpsons Bart VS The World cart only for NES for £5, WWF Steel cage cart only for the NES for £3 and Top Gun Second Mission cart only for the NES for £2. It is pretty good to get 3 different NES games for £5 or less each. The last visit was an indy store which is unfortunately shutting down, from here I got a bunch of XBOX original games for £6.50 in total, these are Desert Storm, Ford Racing 3, Area 51, Prisoner of war, Riddick escape from butcher bay, Fahtrenheit all complete and then Doom 3 and Robotech invasion which are missing there covers.

On the29th I went to an indy games store and grabbed blades of steel for the NES cart only £2 and also Darkwing duck for the NES cart only for £18...... Wow I admit I spent a lot here on one loose cart but I have wanted it for 20 years, I wasn't going to buy it but I kind of figured with St Canards Darkwings home being mentioned in the new Ducktales show a new Darkwing show is possible and that could drive the price up to levels I wouldn't go and so I grabbed it.

My last purchase of the month on the 31st was Hyper Street Fighter 2 for the PS2 complete for £1... it has the awesome street fighter 2 animated film on it as well and I'm sat wondering if it would play that if stuck in a normal DVD I doubt it.

So this month I spent £113.44 On retro games, which is almost half what I spent the month before, this certainly makes me feel a lot better about my spending. You see I absolutely love my retro collection but I do worry about how much I spend. Sure all of my bills and responsibilities are paid for first but I know that when I am sad or stressed I will buy things I don't necessarily need to help me unwind. As I have said before the thrill of the chase is what I am in it for and this thrill of the chase has a way of acting almost like a medicine or a support, still I guess I should leave this subject for a post of its own some time.

So what was my favourite purchase of the month? Possibly DarkWing Duck just because the whole Disney duck universe is very close to my heart and this is a game I have wanted for a very long time. I am also very happy to have gotten Tales of Eternia for such a cheap price and getting the mystery cart and finding out it was Duck Tales was also very exciting. All in all I would call it a good month.

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