Friday, 13 November 2015

Ash Versus Evil Dead Episode 1 and 2 Review

I have been meaning to do this ever since the night I watched it. That night was the 1st of November. The first episode of the TV series Ash Versus Evil Dead aired on Starz a TV channel which as far as I know is exclusive to America, we certainly don't get it in England. It aired on Halloween but I had to wait till the following day to scratch around online to find a copy. The ridiculous thing was that if it had been available on a British channel I would have looked at getting that channel, or if it had been put on British Netflix Id have subscribed for a few months long enough to watch the whole first season as it went up, heck I would have even spent like £1 an episode renting it if the option was available to me, but as it stands I basically had to pirate it, which is not good when I want to support the series as I am a big big fan of Bruce Campbell, on the off chance he ever see's this.... Bruce I will buy the series on Blue Ray as soon as someone see's fit to release it on this side of the ocean and hey I already have pretty much all of the things staring you that can be got here on DVD.

OK so basically the story is this after spending thirty years hiding out as in a trailer park working in a sort of  Target/Wallmart kind of shop  Ash gets high with a hippy chick and unleashes the Deadites (for those new to this who havent seen the film think sort of Demon Zombie creatures) by reading from the Necronomicon Ex Mortis (the book of the dead, a book full of spells and passages made from human flesh and inked in blood). So do you need to have seen the film for this all to make sense? Not really its enough to know that Ash was a sort of hero, a killer of these creatures who has beaten them in the past but basically decided he wanted a quiet life. If you enjoy this though and haven't seen the films then trust me its going to make you want to see them..

I think most of the people watching this though are going to be the die hard fans like me, who saw these films, have watched them again and again, studied more or less every moment of them and then have begged and begged for more. The thing is that everyone has been asking about an Evil Dead 4 for so long that we had pretty much given up hope that we would ever get it especially with the fact that Sam Raimi is now a multi-billion-dollar grossing director, we all had kind of figured that he would be doing big budget A list movies and wouldn't want to return to a series of films that was started at the beginning of his journey, but return he has to direct the first episode and to get the ball rolling. People wanted more Evil Dead because they wanted more Ash and if you want more Ash then this is exactly what you get here. Ash is the same blow hard try hard screw up but yet somehow overcome the odds guy he has always been.

El Jefe The First Episode certainly has the right mix of horror and silly. It also manages to give you a big old dose of Bruce Campbell at his finest while still introducing a host of new characters and getting you intrested in them. I am really looking forward to seeing how the series progresses and I am very happy to hear that it has already had the green light for a second series. If you enjoy either a mix of horror and laughs or just think Bruce Campbell is an awesome actor then I strongly advise you to watch out for this show and give it a whirl as I personally think it is awesome.

Some people were worried that the show might fall on its ass after the first episode with the fact that the first one was the only one being directed by Sam Raimi but having watched episode two, “Bait” I am not only pleasently suprised at its quality I am also very positive about the fate of the show. It has its advanateges over the pilot. For one , all the exposition is done with, everything has been set up, all of the characters are in place so it has more freedom just to go for the laughs and for the gore.

Originally when I heard Starz was producing Ash Versus Evil Dead as a half-hour show I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't an hour long thing however the pacing on this episode seemed to be great not to spoil to much but it opens with Ash and Pablo having to deal with a deadite and then goes on to a dinner with there friend and her mother who may or may not be another deadite. There are some awesome one liners just as quotable as anything from the movies.

I wont say anymore just seriouly check out this show

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