Sunday, 22 November 2015

I like to be confused by a Game, to be made to engage the old grey matter.

I was at one stage going to review Fallout 4, after all I did get it a day before most people and got a good few hours in to it before a lot of people had even started cuing for it but the truth is the glowing reviews for it started shooting through the door straight away. To this degree I could say that pretty much everything that could be said about the game has been said. If you enjoy your typical Bethesda RPG style game Fallout 3, Oblivion, Skyrim then your going to like Fallout 4 as it is more of the same.

There have been improvements though for one a sort of minecraft light build your own settlements mode has been added, the amount of customisation options in general has really increased, you can change that much about your guns and armour that at first its a little daunting but it ends up being one of the things I like the most about it. The building is not as straight forward as it could be mainly because there doesn't seem to be much in the way of a tutorial to it, you just kind of have to dick around and find out how to do everything yourself sometimes quite frustratingly, but once you know what your doing its really fun and you can find yourself spending far too long messing around building and scavenging for parts to build. Ok that's it that's as much as I am going to get into the game review wise if you need a score then 9.5...

The main thing Fallout 4 has done though is make me confused in a good way. You see and I will try my best not to overly spoiler things here but there are lots of diffrent in game factions some of which essentially want you to help them rule the world/ work for them. Now you can as I have done kind of work for everyone a little bit and just use them all to get as much gear and experience as possible, but you can kind of get the feeling that things are building up to the point where you will be forced to make a choice. Now at first it might seem like there is a clear cut bad guy or bad organisation but the deeper you go the more you learn that pretty much every single faction is a sort of shade of grey, they all seem to have there own good points but have also done bad things or believe in things which if your anything like me you will disagree with. It has got so to the point that I cant force myself to jump in hole heartidly with anyone group that I am doing as many unimportant submissions as possible waiting for some kind of sign telling me what I should do... Ultimately its just a video game and it doesnt matter who I do or do not support, who I kill or do not kill but yet when I have that pad in my hand and characters are asking me questions I seem to forget that, I seem to almost feel like I am in that world. Is this the first game that has done this to me? No. Is bethasda the first or only studio to manage this? Again No. BioWare have had me confused in much the same way with Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect.

Lots of new and pretty big name games seem to have come out recently but obviously most people cant afford all of them, so I found myself sort of trying my best to pick and choose which game, there was Halo 5, Forza 6, Rise of the Tomb raider, yet I think I made the right choice. Now obviously there is some personal bias here but I really don't think that Halo 5 would have grabbed hold of me in quiet this way, Tomb Raider however maybe. I say that because I absolutely loved the last Tomb Raider and the way it made you see Lara Croft at the start of it all the way it made you take part and help shape her in to the hero we all know and love. I don't know maybe I am just getting old and expecting a bit more from my media, but I would like to be able to think as well as put my finger on the trigger.

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