Thursday, 5 November 2015

Wresting News: Rollins Injured, Survivor Series tournament winner to get the WWE gold.

Ok so I didnt intend to be talking about wrestling again so soon, I intended to put a game review or a horror review in before this, not to mention I missed my Games I have complete this month thread largly because the only thing I completed was Forza 5 and most people proberbly did that years ago but then ESPN went and broke the news on Twitter that WWE's top titleholder Seth Rollins suffered tears to his ACL/MCL/medial meniscus while performing at the WWE Live Event in Dublin, Ireland. Now this is when I have to admit that I think the guy is a dick. First I think he is overrated as far as talent goes, then there is the fact that his girlfriend Zahra Schreiber is a racist nut-job and he publicly defended her racism online (on social media) racism which saw her fired, yet his part in it, saying that what she was saying was OK was ignored with seemingly no slap on the wrist for him. The truth is I was never much of a fan of the Shield, Rollins has a face you want to punch repeatedly, Roman Reigns has all of the charisma of a lawn chair, the only one of the three of them I ever really liked at all was Dean Ambrose.

I think Ambrose on his own with the right push could be something truly special, maybe its because I see flashes of Piper, Brian Pillman and Jake the Snake but still I digress. As a direct result of Rollins injury Survivor Series will host a tournament of some kind the winner of which will be crowned the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

So far they have not announce which Superstars will be participating in this event. I think however it is safe to say that the current number one contender, Roman Reigns, will be involved. In fact I have a sneaking hunch that he will win it and then when Rollins gets back there will be a whole thing about how you might have won the belt but you never beat me Reigns and Rollins main event in the closest main event to his return.

The ending aside though I think this kind of vacant title event could be a really good idea, there are so many routes to go down in terms of who to involve and how to decide the victor and even without letting them win it letting certain wrestlers put on a really good showing and get a certain degree through proceedings could really help give a few people much needed pushes.

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