Saturday, 14 November 2015

On my soap box: Snoopers Charter and the Events in Paris

Just thinking about the Snoopers charter the UK Governments plan to basically look at everything its citizens do on the internet all the time.Stopping and breaking this down, in my house alone there is me, my dad and my daughter, sometimes my fiancée or various friends will pop around and they bring there phones or laptops and use the same connection.... For a start this is a lot of data when you think about it, this kind of stuff 365 days a year is a lot to go through and its only one home, how many houses are there out there with internet, with how many people per houses having access to that connection? My connection is secure and password protected but plenty are not, you now have connections in café's restaurants, on buses . You can get a pay as you go phone and connect to the internet without ever giving away your name, then you can ride a bus and connect to the wifi and post to your hearts content, all this charter will do is annoy normal people, because if you want to plan something crazy or be an ass hole then your not likely to do it in your home on a secure connection using your real name in your underpants. Its like banning secure encryption. Does anyone really think that's going to work? Did we have WinZip and the like back in World War 2? Did we have messages being pinged back and forwards through email? Yet we still had secrets, we still had coded transmissions we had old fashioned encryption codes, if you nutter the new methods people will just go back to the old.

The terrible events in Paris will of course be used to try and push the above through and to push that it needs to be done as soon as possible and as thoroughly as possible. Thats not the only thing that these events will be used for, you can bet your ass that neo Nazi groups, Britain First, UKIP and all sorts of people will crawl from under the woodwork trying to use this to promote some ideological call to arms. Do I feel anger and venom towards the people who did this? You bet your ass I do. It is important to remember though that anyone can take an idea and make it either the most wonderful or terrible of things.. There will always be idiots who use some form of belief to justify sick things just as there will be idiots who use tragedy to push there own particular agenda, this very fact is a sad unfortunate truth I hope one day will change. A facebook post from Stephen King kind of sums up my thoughts on this matter ''Hating all Muslims for what happened in Paris is like hating all Christians because of the gay-hating Westboro Baptist Church.'' I was raised a Christian I may not really be one anymore but I would hate to through my past affiliation or my skin colour be compared to the people who have protested at soldiers funerals to those who have promoted violence against people on the basis of there sexuality as this simple is nothing close to who or what I am. In this way there must be so many people right now just sat there absolutely torn apart by the fact that people are not only seeing them as being exactly the same as these terrorists who have committed these acts but by the fact that some of these people wish them ill because of these events which were nothing to do with them

 Now I am just a blog writer, a writer who mainly concentrates on horror films, video games and wrestling yet here I am trying to think about and come to terms with world events not only in my head but here on this very blog knowing that some will agree with me and that yet some people will claim I am naive or stupid or simply don't understand everything enough to give a proper comment on it. Add on top of this the added 1984 style worry that big brother is now watching, that when you write something online the government may snoop on you and that if they dont agree with your assessment of the situation then in the future they could choose to question you on it or try to in some way use it against you, this just saps power away from people and puts it firmly into the hands of the state. I am not a religious man in the slightest so I don't have any book to fall back on ironically at this moment I find myself falling back on the words of a Jedi Master a leader of a fictional sort of philosophy/religion yet even with the source of these words being fiction I think they ring more true than most will realise  “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”. It may seem like a scary time and in some ways it is but the worst thing any of us can do is to give in to fear and to hate.

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