Monday, 30 November 2015

Happy 25th UK Bithday SEGA Megadrive

So one of my favourite consoles of all time the good old Sega Megadrive or as my friends in America would call it the Sega Genesis has just turned 25, now if your my age this is guaranteed to make you feel old.

Yes for those who want to nitpick the Mega Drive was originally released in Japan on October 29, 1988. It took a bit of time for it to arrive here on our shores though first it hit Japan then it launched in North America, as the Sega Genesis, on April 14, 1989. For us in the UK (and Europe) well we had to wait around two years for the console to be released here. The golden date for us here however was November the 30th 1990.

Now I could celebrate this fact by talking about Sega themselves there place in the market, the way in which they chose to aggressively market there console the cheap shots they took at Nintendo or the birth of there mascot Sonic the Hedgehog but instead I might as well talk about the one thing which is the most important when it comes to a console and that is the games.

Now me talking about the Megadrive is not a new thing at all, in fact two times I nearly found myself getting paid to review Megadrive games, the first time I wrote and submitted a review of a favourite of mine Alien Storm, when this fell through I was so proud of the review that I did not want it to go to waste and so I posted this review online as my first ever blog post on my old blog. After this I began to write more reviews and to even make YouTube Videos.

This is my Video Review of Buck Rogers Countdown to Doomsday. Now this might seem a basic game and it is seldom one of the top ten games to be mentioned by people when the genesis but it is one of my top ten games which is a very good showing for it when you consider that I own over 200 megadrive cartridges.

When people talk about the MegaDrive then they will mention Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage, Mortal Kombat and while they are great games the fact is that the machine had a much wider more diverse library than that this was one of the things that made it the awesome machine it is. Who would believe that there would be a game where you played the part of Michael Jackson dancing criminal and zombies and such literally to death? Well it happened and what's more than that maybe beyond or even because of all the silliness it is one of the most awesome games going.

I could include links to all of the reviews I did, or I could do a top ten Megadrive games that you must own but the truth of that matter is that even if I was to sit and make a top ten list one day I would look back at it and decide that it was in the wrong order that I had missed games off of it and I would literally tear it up and start again, you see that's the thing about the Sega Megadrive there is a whole host of good games for it all of which will appeal to different people that is the beauty of the machine. Instead I will leave things here and see if anyone else wants to leave a message in the comments sharing the name of a game they like or a memory they have which is related to Sega's 16bit Blast Processing machine.

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