Monday, 28 December 2015

Ash Versus Evil Dead Episode 7 reviewed

So this has taken me a lot longer than I intended, thank goodness I didnt decide to review the other 2 shows I have been watching (Dr Who and The Muppets) or I would really have a backlog on my hands here. So I already gave the game away when I reviewed episode 5 and 6 stating that I had watched episode 7 and it was awesome so I might as well get down to business and start talking about why it is awesome. I suppose one more thing needs to be added and that is that these reviews will be very spoiler heavy so if you want to watch the episode without knowing what is going to happen go do that first then come back to this.

Episode 7 Fire In The Hole

Now I have seen Bruce Campbell engage in a little bit of friendly ribbing when it comes to that other very popular horror show ''The Walking Dead''. This episode had a bit of a walking dead feel to it, I saw it sort of as The Evil Dead's answer to The Walking Dead. Now dont get me wrong I enjoy the walking dead, I know I know the graphic novels/comics are better, but the show and the Tell Tale series both are as far as I am concerned both very good on there own merits (just not as a replacement for the graphic novels).Walking Dead at times can be almost as bloody as Evil Dead but its not quiet in the same way, Walking Dead tries to be a little realistic where as the Evil Dead has the whole buckets of blood gushing down the camera to the point its both disgusting and funny.

Now you might think that with Ash Versus Evil Dead being full of both carnage and quips,that this might be all it has going for it and while on the surface it might not feel especially deep there has I believe been a very good effort put into the character development of all the characters on the show. Ash is a brilliant character who Bruce Campbell has always been able to breathe so much life into in a way that many much more higher paid actors could only dream of doing and yet one of the most memorable scenes in this episode comes near the end when Kelly, Pablo and Amanda, have there guns raised, after taking out a Deadite that was threatening the redneck militia. It was on its own merits a pretty darn cool moment but it was also notable for the fact that it did not include Ash, and the fact it let other people take centre stage.

The episode is basically about the Militia not trusting Ash and his team, so they throw a handcuffed Ash and Amanda in to an underground bunker with a dedite on the loose in it, and we end up with a situation where by Ash and Amanda have to think there way out of trouble, while Pablo and Kelly try to both escape from the Militia and try to come back and save Ash. Its cool in how it shows both how Pablo and Kelly cope without Ash present but it also allows for some romantic tension between Ash and Amanda which almost results in a kiss.

At the end of the episode Ash abandons everyone to try and go to the cabin on his own, it is very clearly shown that despite always try to show himself as a loner he has become very attached to those who have been around him, he seems to see Amanda in a romantic light while caring for Pablo and Kelly as friends. I enjoyed this episode a great deal but it also really had me itching to see the cabin again, to return to the start of everything. Every week seems to be getting more exciting than the last and I just cant wait to see where it all leads.

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