Wednesday, 30 December 2015

This Months retro Video Game purchases:December 2015

OK so it is that time of the month again, the time when one month is pretty much over and a new one is about to begin, so its is once again time look at the retro purchases I have made in the past 30 odd days. To be honest I have been at work more with it being the whole busy Christmas period and again like last month I have brought more new games that were in crazy sales and such. Also for the first time ever I actually have started my Christmas shopping for next year literally straight after Christmas, now no I am not sad enough to fight and punch in all of the boxing day sales but I have grabbed the odd thing while leaving work and began to fill a box which I will reopen towards the end of next year to give me a great headstart on sorting out next years gifts.

I didn't even so much as look at a retro game up until December the 8th. Also to be honest this was a last moment thing, I was on my way home and decided to stop off at a small town which I know sometimes has a market in the town square. I got all of the following off of one store. I got Konami Krazy Racers for the GBA cart only for £2.50, which was cool as I have wanted this for quiet awhile due to the fact many people have talked about it favourably so l cant wait to give it a bash. Then I grabbed both NBA courtside and Pool Paradise both complete for gamecube for £1 each.

The last thing I got from here was a bit of a strange purchase basically its a Modded/Fake Golden Axe 3 pal cart, I really wanted to look inside it and eventually managed to get it open. Looking at the board its very basic so I am going to guess that its a cheap reproduction, it might be in a pal shaped cart but the first thing I noticed was that it wouldn't play on my English Megadrive, it basically came up with a message saying it wasn't intended for this territory so I tried it in my Japanese Megadrive and it worked great, the whole game is there with everything just the same as it would be if this was a real version.

On the 15th I had something I had ordered a few days previously arrive from ebay and that was 
a Japanese copy of Gain Ground boxed but with no manual, this cost me £8 including postage and is something I was very happy to have gotten myself as I love Gain Ground, also the first ever copy of Gain Ground I owned was a Japanese copy (which also strangely had no manual) so its nice to have this again.

Latter in the day I managed to look in a small pawn store I sometimes visit and was very surprised to find a Raiders of the lost Ark Atari 2600 loose cartridge which I got for £3 and a fully complete boxed version of Haunted House for the Atari 2600 for a further £3, was really surprised to see games this old for sale, never expected this pawn store to buy and sell them.

On the 18th I hit a few charity shops and managed to get, Dancing Stage Euro Mix for the playstation(1) complete for 50pence, Tony Hawks Underground for xbox complete for £1, The Sims for ps2 complete for £1, and Mary Kate and Ashley crush course, for playstation(1) case and disc missing manual for 50pence. Yeah I know the last one is a bit of a weird purchase but I mostly just got it as the case was pure almost new looking and my intention is to swap one of my rarer games into it that happens to have a less well maintained case.

On this day I also received a rather cool bit of tech in the post, I got a NES USA to UK converter/Adaptor for £9 including postage. Now there are two reasons this is really cool, one is that usually these cost a lot more, the other is that I happen to own about 10 American NES games and dont own an American NES, one of these games just happens to be Mega Man 2.

On the 23rd I returned to the pawn store which I had gotten the Atari games from and found that they now had a copy of OutLaw for the Atari 2600 cart and manual in good condition and with a very batted box for only £1.99 which I jumped on, after all its kind of cool that there is any box at all when its made of card and the game came out in 1978

Yesterday I managed to pick up Chili Con Carnage for psp complete 75pence and Ape Academy box and UMD (no manual) for psp for 75pence from a diffrent pawn store. I also recieved a Megadrive game in the post I ahd purchased from Amazon but there was an issue here. I had purchased what was supposed to be a copy of RBI baseball 94 and what arrived was a case with the cover for RBI 94 but an RBI Baseball 3 cart and a very rough batterd RBI 3 manual. Yet I cant moan as when I complained I got a full refund including postage costs and got told to do as I please with the game. So I will keep the cart and proberbly use the case for another game as a replacement for a cracked case., or I might even make my Golden Axe 3 cart a case.

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