Thursday, 10 December 2015

Black Friday and Christmas Sales from the eyes of a Gamer

OK so around about this time last year I did a post about the Black Friday sales that year which I called the''Black Friday crush a prone persons head just to get a flat screen TV award for most franticly desire for a product.''

Last year the scenes which ended up on our TV’s mostly showed people wrestling over television sets in super markets, although things did get stupider than even that as footage leaked to various internet sites showed. For example an approximately size 18 woman punched out a roughly size 6 woman over a pair of panties which couldn't possible of fitted both of them. Well what happend this year? Was there any bloodshed or craziness? Not really. There was this big build up some companies pushed how great there deals would be, then there were build up to Black Friday sales, the typical Amazon lightning deals were not too bad but then ASDA the very people who decided to bring this Sales holiday over here backed out of the whole thing. The two main TV reports I saw included a report on how only one man had turned up for the sales at a particular store and how another store had put on shed loads of staff and opened up at 4AM in the morning ready and waiting for the rush to find that there was no rush, no one turned up till much latter.

The shop I work in had a few Black Friday sales, but even if it got busy it never got scary or dangerous. So did I buy anything on Black Friday? Well not much, I did buy a few games from a Pawn store which took 20% off of all of its games prices, mostly however my stuff came from both Game and Amazons lead up to Black Friday sales. In fact I got Gears of War Ultimate Edition for £15 and Transformers Devastation for £20 from Game in the lead up sale worrying that maybe they would be even cheaper come Black Friday and that I would feel stupid but they actually went up in price with Gears of War Ultimate being £18 in the actual Black Friday sale and Devastation being £23.

So with Black Friday having proved a bit of a bust what about Christmas sales. Well I remember that both Sony and Microsoft had some great sales leading up to Christmas on there digital stores last year and the year before, in fact I remember one year spending about £130 on the Xbox Store, every day there was an irresistible deal, it seemed to start at the beginning of December and carried on all the way up to New Years day with my fallout practically begging for mercy as I brought arcade titles, full retail titles, DLC. Now so far Microsoft had a Black Friday sale in which the digital games were despite being reduced still much more expensive to buy then it would be to order a new sealed copy of the same game on Disc and have it delivered to your house. Sony have started this buy one PS4 game get one free deal but then they have made the games all £44.99 when some of them I have seen for as little as £12.99 on sale. One of these games is Until Dawn which I recently paid £16.50 for from ShopTo in a sale another is Lego Batman 3 which I have seen for £12.99, now even if your not a maths wizard you can easily see adding those two numbers together is a lot less than £44.99 and you have something physical you could if you choose sell when you've finished them.

To be honest it feels like this is how Black Friday will be from now on, its lost its wow factor over here at least but when it comes to the Seasonal sales on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Store maybe things will improve but I guess the important thing is not to see the words Sale and go nuts, slow down take a long hard look around and price up what you want in multiple places, look at both digital and physical prices and unless your absolutely desperate for something dont be afraid to play the waiting game.

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