Friday, 18 December 2015

Brutal Honesty...School shootings

OK so this is a new piece I am going to do for my blog, its another opinion piece but this time I wont be talking about a current event I will just be taking a statement which is potentially extremely controversial and discussing it. ''You can pretty much understand some school shootings''.

You instantly hear the word school shooting and you presume that it has been done by someone who is an utter ass-hole, when you hear speeches about it you often hear the words ''sick'' ''coward'' and various other phrases being parroted again and again. Now I want you to stop and think back for a moment, think back to when you were at school, think about the behaviour of some of the people who were around you or maybe even think of your own behaviour. Think of all the little click's and all of the people who get pushed to the side, the ones who had to face exclusion and insults maybe even threats of violence or actual physical violence on a daily basis, maybe you were one of these people or maybe you were the one who was bullying someone like this or maybe just maybe you were one of those people who just stood there and watched bully's picking on there victims and you just felt glad that it wasn't you. If you were bullied then you will know that it royally sucks ass, it is not a good thing to put up with whatever form it took, if you were a bully then sincerely Fuck You, I hope you at least feel sorry for it now and have done something to make amends for it to at least some level. If you were one of those people who regularly sat on the outside and watched it happen and did nothing then I guess that the kindest thing I can say is I understand, I have a memory of once doing this when I was young and it still hurts me to this day to realise that I watched when I really knew I should have done something. Now I am not saying that anyone should go sticking there face into everything that's happening around them, sometimes it is not clear if someone is really being bullied or if its just banter, or sometimes the person getting shit has actually done something to warrant the negative attention but you know those times when you know what your seeing is wrong when you can feel that it is deep down inside your gut then bloody do something about it. I am not saying that if you see someone at school or work bullying someone you need to walk up and punch someone in the face or make a huge fuss, but you can still do something, maybe ask the person latter if they are OK. I think the age old saying ''if your not part of the solution your part of the problem is very true.''

Now like it or not every single school both here and in America and heck probably in most of the world is made up of bully's, victims and onlookers and if your really really lucky kids who oppose bullies who dont happen to be victims. Now obviously I am saddened by the news of any childs life ending early but when you see these parents of the children who have died in various shootings they are all ''oh my poor little angel was taken too soon by that vile coward'' every one tends to think there own child is the golden one, the one who never does any wrong, the one who has never said an unkind word or pushed another kid but if we follow my above comments on the make up of a school population we know that this can not be true in every case. When did you ever see a parent come on TV and go ''Yeah my kid got his head blown off, but in fairness he was a cocky little shit who always pushed kids smaller than him and tried to flush there heads in the school toilets'' or ''Yeah my girl might have been my baby but at times she was a real prick, she would always tease this kid or that kid for being gay or black or ginger or something else that was beyond there control''. Now dont get me wrong I am not for one second saying that every school shooter is a prior victim turned avenger or that every kid that gets shot is a bully, if you spray a semi automatic machine gun across the room like rambo to try and take a kid down then your going to hit a lot of others for a start. What I am saying is that before you blame the existence of guns or some shit like Rap music or video games you need to stop and challenge the assumption that children are all pure angels because they are not, some children are in fact horrid little shits, and you know what stop kids being horrid little shits? Good socialisation thats what. You see your son or daughter or niece or nephew being a little cunt then call them out on it tell them why it is wrong, explain to them what it would be like to have the shoe on the other foot to be bullied and persecuted, teach them right from wrong and teach them how to socialise correctly and when school phones you up and says they have proof your kid was being a jack ass well listen to that proof and keep an open mind.

Karma baby maybe some of the people out there need to stop and read the definition, I have heard people who bullied me or who stood by and watched me be bullied practically crying that there little Jonny or Johnnie is being persecuted and bullied and that no one wants to help or to stop and listen, that its so wrong and so unfair, well you know what Yes, Yes it is unfair, its just as unfair as it was when you were doing the shit you were doing way back when, maybe you need to stop and take a good luck at yourself in a fucking mirror before you cry all whoa is me why wont someone help my little angel.

Wanting to hurt those who have hurt you is a pretty normal reaction when you stop and think about it. I never personally would have wanted to shoot up a school but I did want revenge on quiet a few people and I even got it on some in far less violent/ permanent ways. I remember this one kid he was 4 years older than me, real big chap and he always used to call me names but more than that he used to regularly both threaten and hit me, in fact I remember one day he picked me up by the throat against a wall and tried to choke the life out of me. I could feel the pressure getting tighter and tighter and my vision getting darker and darker and in desperation I kicked forward and hit him square in the knackers, he dropped me and he doubled over as his head came forward I uppercutted him square in the face and knocked him out. That wasn't revenge though that was pure survival if he had chocked me that bad the first time if I hadn't knocked him out Id hate to think what he would have done the second time. Revenge came about 7 years latter when I met his then Fiancée in a nightclub and made out with her again and again, sometimes its funny the hands that fate can deal you. Was I right or was I wrong well I guess thats down to personal opinion.

The long and short of it is though that as a world we need to learn more empathy and that we need to do a better job of teaching our young to act in a way which is not only good for them but good for the world and the people around them, this wouldn't end all violence but at least then we would know that that people who had pulled the trigger were just nut balls and not simply victims making even more victims.

You can understand some school shootings because we live in a world were people crap on other people and we all know that every single person out there only has a finite amount of tolerance when it comes to being shit on.

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