Thursday, 3 December 2015

Are Young people who question the Government or media really extremists?

OK so apparently ''Young people who question the Government or media may be extremists'' according to governmental produced leaflets. Parents and carers have also been advised by a safeguarding board in London that “showing a mistrust of mainstream media reports and a belief in conspiracy theories” could be a sign that children are being groomed by extremists.

Now lets slow down and take this apart, young people who question the media may be extremists, now lets look at this media, and what we mean by the term Media. This very blog is a form of media but we know they don't mean things like this what they really mean is mainstream newspapers and TV reports. Well one of the very reasons I write a blog is that back when I was in college and in University I was taught to ask questions, I was taught to not take things on face value, I was taught to look a little deeper, to ask what paper a piece of news was in, who had written it, who was the editor who had asked for and accepted it and did any of these people have any biases, does the paper itself have an inherent bias. Yet if you look at things on this level by the terms being used by our current Prime Minster you could say I had been radicalised as the colleges and University I attend taught me to not trust what politicians said,and  to not believe everything I see and hear in the Media. Now let me be clear on this I am a White Male Atheist, I don't listen to the words of any god I purely follow my heart and do what it says is the right thing to do, yet my own moral compass tells me that dropping masses of bombs on somewhere in the hope of killing terrorists knowing that you will most likely kill lots of innocent men, women and children is the wrong call to make, yet my own countries Prime Minster (who I didn't vote for I hasten to add) has said that anyone who does not support the dropping of these bombs is a terrorist sympathiser. So I have woke up this morning to learn that someone who I hold in nothing but contempt now would consider me a radicalised terrorist sympathiser.

''Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it'' Now I know there is the old chestnut that if anything is talked about or argued about long enough on the internet then the Nazi's and fascism will be brought up and used but in this case it seems appropriate. We have seen where blindly following a government and not asking questions and just following orders leads. I don't want people to be radicalised in the way I view radicalisation, I don't want people to be led into following a radicalised perverted version of a religion which preaches hatred and destruction which encourages people to strap bombs to themselves or grab guns and kill the innocent but I also view people being brainwashed into following a government without question no matter what it says or what it decides to do, a government which uses bombs and  breeds hate itself as a very bad thing as well, after all both are about stripping away someone's ability to think for themselves, peeling away there individuality and turning them into a puppet.

So what's my message? Well I guess it is dont let anyone brainwash you in to giving up your own mind and your own soul, ask questions never stop, never accept anything on face value, think about who is saying it, why they are saying it and what they have to gain by making people believe there words.

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