Sunday, 13 December 2015

Ash Versus Evil Dead Episodes 5 and 6 reviewed

OK so admittedly this is late even by my standards, I said I would review episodes 5 and 6 before episode 7 hit the air and well I didnt manage it. Yet here I am doing it now better late than never hey? I am going to cover episode 5 and 6 and say what I think about them both. Obviously there will be some spoilers here , the episodes are good enough to watch so Id recommend doing that first and then seeing if you agree or disagree with my opinion on them. I have seen episode 7 I but I will be saving my critic of it for a latter date well except to say that I thought it was awesome.

Episode 5 The Host
The episode starts with Ash tied up and everyone believing that the demon is in him. The truth is that the demon is actually in Kelly and is manipulating everyone in to thinking that he is inside Ash. Brujo plans to basically cut the demon out of Ash, which he explains could get rid of the demon but would make Ash loose the feeling in anything below the waist. The way this is all played is pretty cool, as the viewer you can see how the Demon is manipulating everyone and its like your seeing it all from Ash's perspective. There is still the usual Evil Dead factor to the episode but the set-up allows a few things to be borrowed from the likes of The Exorcist and films of its type with Dana DeLorenzo the actress who plays Kelly doing a great job of playing both the normal and the possessed Kelly. There are also some great moment for Pablo with him both apologising to and getting an apology from Brujo. OK major spoiler but basically this episode sees the end of the demon which has been in the last few episodes but it also see's the death of Brujo, he was a good character but I think a lot was gained by his death in terms of character progression., 
Its not my favourite episode so far but its nice that a good original demon which was made for the show had a good 3 episode arc which not only managed to add to the lore of the Evil Dead but also allowed for a lot of character interaction and growth.

Episode 6 Killer of Killers

In short I can sum this whole episode up with the following, Amanda catches up with Ash at an American diner, only for it all to come to a boil with a real Deadite slaying blood bath.

There are some fantastic little set ups, set pieces and pay off's which just make this probably my favourite episode so far. Now this episode is mostly a blood bath which is focused a lot more on action than real plot development. We see Ash trying to be a little fatherly to Kelly confronting her over her feelings and if she needs to talk and if she is ok while they eat pancakes with her response being on the lines of she doesn't care if she lives or dies she just wants to slaughter as many deadites as nastily as possible. This comes across leaving you wondering how much of this is true and how much is sort of bravado, at least it does right up until the moment latter on when she, attacks a deadite ramming it face first in to a meat slicer and then smashing the back of its head again and again with a hammer in a scene which would rival any scene from any of the Evil Dead films or episodes of the show so far for raw bloodiness. This shows that she is in her own right a legitimate bad ass. Ash gets to show typical blow hard legendary levels of Ashness by trying to come on to the waitress to avoid paying his bill, then we have a kid being mercilessly thrown in to and torn apart by a ceiling fan. We have gun shots chainsaw slashes and the already mentioned meat grinder face kiss. The only real bit bit of plot progression is that at the end of the episode Amanda has come to believe Ash and joins his merry little band.
Its a rip roaring episode though which really shows how much action you can pump into this shows relatively short episodes. All I can say in general is ''More please'' which seeing as the show has been picked up for a second season we are going to get. Its also great to see that Virgin Media in the UK have.picked the show up on there on Demand service even if you have to be on quiet a high level package to have access to it apparently.

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