Friday, 4 December 2015

Fallout 4 My completed game of the month

Last month I plain forgot to write a piece on what I had completed, in all honesty all I did finish was Forza 5, I had basically played the heck out of it to start with but then slowed down, not because it was a bad game but because its actually quite long when you look at completing all of the different series's available. So what made me actually finish it? Forza 6 basically. I played a heck of a lot of Forza 3 must have got right near the end but then I got 4 crazy cheap not long after release and never finished 3, never finished 4 either.

I know that its not that uncommon to not finish a game, after all lots of sites have shown using play statistics that lots of people only get part way through lots of games and never see the end of them. So I decided to set myself a restriction, this restriction was that I would not allow myself to buy Forza 6 no matter how cheap it got until I had finished  Forza 5. So this little self set challenge/restriction actually helped me knuckle down and finish every series in the game, my biggest challenge wasn't any of the races it was affording one particular car in order to finish one particular series, still I enjoyed it and I am glad that I made myself finish it.

I cant say that I am glad that I finished the game I actually finished in November though. I finished Fallout 4, which took me about 40 hours, it could have been done much quicker but and I will try not to spoil things too much here but I need to explain a little. Basically there are a bunch of factions in the game and if you fully support one and finish all of the missions for that faction then you finish the game. If you went at this in the most forward way possible, didn't use a guide but didn't allow yourself to become sidetracked at all then I think the game would be about 20 hours long. I did become side tracked though and I sort of followed everyone and tried to keep every faction sweet with me for as long as possible. Now there are different endings I haven't seen which I could either totally replay the game to get or I could even look at one of my slightly earlier saves, one from before I too strongly committed myself to any choices, there is also the option to just carry on and to search the wastelands and to complete small missions I never finished, the option to look for things I didnt find and to keep building up my settlements but I dont think I will invest too much more time in to it. It was a great game while it lasted worth every penny I spent on it and I would advise anyone with even a passing intrest in this sort of thing to get it but after seeing the end credits and finishing the main mission doing these little things kind of feels like cleaning out a scrap paper bin in comparison to the great things I have already accomplished in game.

At the moment I have no idea if I will have finished anything else by the end of December after all there is Christmas to be dealing with and work and at the moment I havent even really settled on something I want to play to that degree. Every time I approach my consoles at the moment I am playing a little bit of this and a little bit of that waiting for something to grab me. I have sampled Transformers Devastation, Dragonball Xenoverse and a few other titles but I am really just waiting for something to suck me in the way Fallout 4 did, oh well it was wonderful while it lasted.

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